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1) Power gaming: Is not permitted. Nor will it be accepted. This is a rp server. Role Play or go elsewhere.

2) Cybering: This is a PG-13 server. Please keep cybering to tells. We don't want to see it. And you don't want to explain it. K?

3) Metagaming: Any action that allows you to make any decision you would not normally make due to outside knowledge that your character would not normally possess.
Example: Walking down the street and you see someone you want to meet or rp with. You look at your map to locate the person. / or avoid them// Looking at a character name of the avatar they are currently playing and instantly knowing who they are. Unless they are friggin super man if you haven't met them or can't see their face. you don't know them or who they are. // Use of an ability or plot device not sanctioned by a dm or approved by the Dm team. ei. using a custom weapon with out actually having the item in game.//

If at any point you are caught metagaming. The following -will- happen. This is what I call The Rule of 3 Strikes:

  • a) First offense: Slap on the wrist. Possible boot if the offense is severe enough. And even possibly stripping of level or loss of RP tokens.

  • b) Second offense: Loss of RP tokens. Booted. And Character is Perma and deleted from server vault. No questions.

  • c) Final offense: Ban. Indefinitely pending 3/4 majority DM vote.

(Metagaming is serious and will not be tolerated.)

4) Entering a PC's home with out there permission. Just because you stumble on it. Doesn't mean you actually found it. If a player is caught doing this. They are subject to loss of rp tokens and boot.

5) Going into Hidden Villages. If you find a hidden village just walking around... no. Hidden for a reason. So if you are walking around sound and you are not sound... guess what. Get out you wouldn't know where it is. And you don't just suddenly follow a mystical chakra trail either :lol:

6) Enemy Villages. If you are a ninja from a hidden village and you go to a village not friendly to you. You are subject to perma.

7) Missing ninja. If you are attacked. Unless you have a medical ninja to heal you, if your hp drops below -10. You are Perma.

8 ) Levels.
  • Genin: 1- 15 (18 with chunnin exams or token buy. No levels past 18 as a genin.)
  • Chunnin: 15-25 (30 max buy with tokens only.)
  • Special Jounin:30-40(All levels token Purchased. Special Jounin doesn't require test, but meeting with kage)
  • Jounin: 25-40 (all token purchace and jounin event must be run and approved by DM team)
  • Kage-Sage ranking: Must be approved with majority vote of DM team.

9) Custom Weapons: Cost varies from 20-30-40 or more.

10) Harassment of players: If a player bugs you... and becomes an annoyance Get a screen shot of the conversation. And send it to the DM Team. The Person will be dealt with. If you are caught Harassing anyone in tells, party, or otherwise on an out of character level. Punishment will be quick and sever. Harassment goes as follows. Insulting a Player. (cause lets face it. making fun of a character is a daily thing) Skirt chasing. (annoying a person of opposite sex for cyber after they have already turned you down.) Attacking a person In-Character because they annoy you out of character. These are just a few examples.

11) Mommy daddy: If a DM tells you no. You will not challenge their authority and contact another DM with the same request. If you are caught doing this. Refer to The Rule of 3 Strikes.

12) DM's on player: If a DM or Admin is on player. They are allowed play time too. Do not attack them with tells unless they approve of it. If a DM does not say. Go ahead and ask me. Or I am a DM ask away. Allow us to play please.

13) Common Sense:
Use it.

14) Flaming: Do NOT flame a DM or player. It is wrong and shows bad sportsmanship. (penalties will vary depending on the offence)

This list is subject to change as more rules may be added at a later time.

Thank you. From your DM team.

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