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Post  DM Ramen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:21 pm


Init-This is a dex roll for each person involved in combat. It decides the order of combat. Levels aren’t added.

Hp Rules:

Character level + con MOD + rank mod (see below) = HP total
40+9+15=64 Health Points ((HP))

Genin = +0
Chuunin = +5
Jounin = +10
S-Rank Ninja(Kage Strength)= +15

Chakra will be your Level+ CON MOD + Wisdom OR Intelligence
((obviously you would choose the one that is highest between the two))
40+9+ 15= 64 Chakra Points (CP)

people with bloodlines get extra chakra!

weak bloodlines:+5 chakra
medium bloodlines:+10
strong bloodlines: +15

chakra cost board:

E-Rank: 1 chakra cost(the simple academy jutus)

D-Rank: 3 chakra cost(advanced academy jutsu or simple genin jutsu

C-Rank: 5 chakra cost(genin/chunin jutsus, average elemental jutsu)

B-Rank: 8 chakra cost(powerful ninjutsu, jounin level jutsu)

A-Rank: 13 chakra cost(really powerfull ninjutsu, mostly special jutsus and etc, like trump card level strong)

S-Rank: 20 chakra cost(like SUPER!!! powerfull, we are talking mangekyo and other super jutsus, few shinobi posses this type of powerfull jutsu)

Strength - Attack/Block + Half your levels
Dexterity - Attack/Dodge + half your levels

Normal taijutsu:
you basic knuckle bashing, swift kicks and so on

genin: 1d4
chuunin: 1d8
jounin: 1d10

Taijutsu moves(damge bonus board):

E-Ranked: (would be none)
D-Ranked: +1d4 (chakra molding to the punch and stuff, nothing big)
C-Ranked: +1d6 (konoha senpu, razor kick etc)
B-Ranked: +1d8 (special combo or moves like great konoha senpu etc)
A-ranked: +1d10 (very advanced and powerfull combo's moastly)
S-ranked: .....(gates, simple..)

REMINDER!!: Taijutsu moves takes chakra as well! only normal punching and tools dont!

Wisdom + Half your levels
Defending with Ninjutsu against taijutsu - FINE!!! just roll WIS
but then rp using kawarmi no jutsu(substutiton)
Ninjutsu vs Ninjutsu - Highest wisdom roll


E-Ranked: (only bunshin and henge etc here..no dmg)
D-Ranked: 1d10
C-Ranked: 2d8
B-Ranked: varies, between 1d20 to 3d8
A-Ranked: varies, between 3d10 to 1d20+2d8
S-Ranked: varies, between 3d8 to 2d20 and even more at times.
((the one who teaches you the jutsu will tell you the exact damage if he doesnt check the jutsu thread or ask a DM))

Intelligence + Half your levels
Damage - Depends on the genjutsu, most genjutsu do not do damage, stronger ones do though.
The victim altso loose chakra after the genjutsu is done.. the victim loses the amount of rounds you were trapeed in the genjutsu in chakra..so trapped 3 rounds 3 chakra lost..

Escaping and resisting Genjutsu - Roll wis or int against Genjutsu users roll. if you fail youre trapped and cant do anything but roll to escape each round. you are trapped untill you have escaped by rolling wis or int, getting pysical damage inflicted on you or if someone else releses you.

Some genjutsu have diffrent effects like stun and etc, be sure to know what the genjutsu does before activly using it.

Weapon users:

Chunin: 1d10

Also you can weapon imbue which would add another 4-8 damage depending on your skill
Imbuing a weapon costs 5 chakra every round.

Downsides Using weapons:
Automatically -4 on the weapon unless you have focus in the weapon.
-2 if you have focus in the weapon.
Epic weapon focus takes you back up to 0.

Dual wielding gives an extra dmg roll but on one rank lower considering its you off hand, so if youre a jounin the off handed dmg roll is a chunin dmg roll 1d10.
if youre a genin its 1d4 on the off hand. altso dual wielding is -6,-4 with WF , -3 with two weapon fighting and -2 with epic WF.

Extra Str Damage
1-5 mod= +1 damage
6-10 mod=+2 damage
11-15 mod= +3 damage
16-20 mod=+4 damage
21 and up mod=+5 damage

Critical strike:

You can roll a critical strike by rolling a 20, simple ((some bloodlines lowers it though e.g. Sharingan-eye and Byakugan-eye ))
Criticals work for taijutsu an ninjutsu.. not genjutsu.
rolling a critical makes you doing double damage!


These rules are for Kuchiyose no Jutsu(summoning technique) not things like the aburame or Inuzuka. THEY are not summons. )

General Summon Rules:
Summons are C rank. They must be learned from the possessor of the summon’s scroll. To summon, a person must sign the scroll in their blood. They are then bound to that creature, and can’t sign any other summon scroll. Once you sign the scroll, you begin training…like any normal jutsu training. Once you complete it, you get your first level summon. You can continue training with the scroll’s owner all the way up to rank 5.

Combat Summon Rules:
To summon it will take you 1 round. Summons have their own hp, stats, and jutsus(or “moves”). It depends on the summon. After summoning, your summon takes it’s turn after yours. Once the summons hp hits 5 or lower, it returns back to where it came. You can only summon once a battle. The length of summons depends on your rank:
Genin: 1d4
Chunin: 1d6
Jonin: 1d8
Kage: 1d10

Extra rules:
There needs to be a post on the forum of the summon’s HP, STR, DEX,WIS,INT,CON and any jutsu/moves it may know. The post also should include the scroll holder, and anyone who knows the summon.
This should be written down on your character profile together with all other jutsu's you know.


youre average tool bag consist of 3 kunai, 3 shuriken, 1 explosion tag, 1 smoke bomb and 1 set of can traps.
If you want more inventory in youre bag you need to have dm permission and pay the fee of 10 tokens pr extra set of stuff.

Explosive Tags:
You drop an explosive tag and it explodes. Using an explosive tag takes a round. Explosive tags can effect up to 3 nearby enemies(to the tag), and all nearby allies. The user rolls an INT or WIS. (Int and wis expresses the ability to correctly and creatively use the tag). Explosive tags can’t be blocked. They must be dodged or blocked with jutsu. The damage of the tag is 2d10 and can only be used once in battle.

Kunai Knives:

Kunai knives take a dex roll to connect. They do normal damage. They’re mainly just for rp flavor, so feel free to use them.
throwing multiple kunais is fine, as is shurikens, you can throw 3 at once.. its a dex or str roll -3 if its 3 -2 if its 2 and no - if its only one:P
but remember that you don't have unlimited kunai's or shuriken.. so when youre gone empty you cant throw then unless you pick them up, you can pick up 2 kunai's or shuriken pr round and it takes up youre round.

Same rules as Kunai knives.

Smoke Bombs:
Smoke bombs use dex. The opponent can dodge or block normally. (a str block would be something like covering your eyes or something creative). If it hits, the enemy gets -1 to rolls for 1d4 rounds. It doesn’t effect blind enemies, and it doesn’t stack with other smoke bombs.

Military Ration Pills:
Military Ration pills require dm approval, and need to be put in your profile. Eatting a pill takes 1 round. Afterwards, each round you recover up to 5 chakra per round, for 1d8 rounds. You can never go over your max chakra score.

Windmill Shuriken:
The windmill shuriken takes a dex roll to connect. It does normal damage +1d6. It can be dodged and blocked normally.
Explosive Tag Trap
This is similar to the explosive tag. It takes a full turn to deploy. At the time of deployment, you select an enemy. When you do, you roll a set trap roll. The enemy rolls a spot. If the spot is higher, than nothing happens. However, if the set trap is higher than at any time later in combat, the user of the trap can make the tag explode, doing 2d10 damage to the opponent.

Poison Smoke Bomb
This is a simple poison smoke bomb. You throw it at your opponent using dex. They can dodge or block normally. If it hits it does not damage that round. However, after that, on your turn, it does 1d4 damage. It does it for 1d6 rounds.

Scattering caltrops takes 1 turn. It’s a set trap roll v.s your opponents spot. If you succeed, they take -1 to their dex for 1d6 rounds, and take 1d4 damage.

Senbon are acupuncture needles. Throwing them takes a dex roll. If they connect, they cause 1d4 damage. The attacker then rolls a d20. If they roll an 18-20, the target is stunned for a round.


Creating a s Clone takes 1 round to do. With this technique, you can create 1 clone at Chunin level, and 2 at Joinin level. Once you have your clone, it acts like another person, giving you an extra action. Your shadow doppelganger(s) will go directly after you go. Their stats are your stats. If the clone gets hit, it gets dissipated.
The person attacking the person with the clone out has to roll a d6 if they connect. When 2 clones are out, if they roll a 1-3…they hit the real person. If they roll a 4-6, they hit the shadow doppelganger. When two are out, 1-2 is the real person, 3-4 is clone 1, 5-6 is clone 2. This extra roll doesn’t apply to those with Sharingan.

and only solid clones can attack.. like bug, shadow,fire.earth.water , sand etc clones. normal bunshins are just illusions.. each solid clone is 8 chakra.. non solid is 4chakra.

Puppet rules:

First, I propose that all puppet masters start with Kugutsu Jutsu. (Puppet mastery).

Genin = One puppet
Chuunin = One puppet (maybe 2)
Jounin = Two(maybe 3)

Puppets summoning costs 20 chakra.

Puppet Masters get -2 to taijutsu rolls. (such as throwing a punch or dodgeing physically and what not)

On top of that, in order for a puppet to do anything “special” such as a poison bomb or dart or something other than attack or block, it will need to learn it just like regular shinobi learn jutsu. And this would cost extra chakra as well. Puppet masters drain a LOT of chakra.

Puppets roll -1 for each puppet out past the first. So if there’s one puppet out, it gets -0. If there’s two out,however, each gets -2. 3 puppets MIGHT be possible...with dm permission...and over level 30..with a rank of Jouinin or higher.

Puppet HP = 1/2 Puppet master's lvl + puppet master's Wisdom mod.

Puppets attack using wisdom. They block using wisdom.

Puppets take wpn dmg, -1. This doesn’t apply to regular taijutsu, just weapons.

Using several puppets grants you extra turns every puppet,so 2 puppets =2 attacks

There would be two basic styles of puppet skills.

Tools: Tools would be things such as weapons, bombs, smoke bombs, kunai, etc etc.

Combo attacks: Combo attacks would be when two puppets are used in synch with each other.

Combo attacks are just like jutsu. They need to be learned and put on your profile.

Chakra focus
Chakra focus is a skill you need to learn from a chunin or jounin that knows it. Chakra focus: Speed allows you to add 1d4 to your dex mod for 1d4 rounds. Chakra Focus: Strength allows you to add 1d4 to your str for 1d4 rounds. Master speed and Master strength lets you add 1d6 to your dex and str respectivley, for 1d4 rounds. You must have the widget on this one.
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