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Post  DM Sasori on Fri Dec 05, 2008 9:17 am

Naruto Chronicles' Server Rules, Conduct, and General Guidelines

First and foremost, the World of Naruto is a Role Playing Server, and while the DM’s are loathe to impose a horde of do’s and don’ts on its players, it is necessary to list a few. These are listed here so that everyone is clear on what one can and what one cannot do, thereby taking away the excuse that one did not know that it was wrong.

The general rule here is common sense and respecting a fair ground OOCly for all players. I'll be a little more clear below, and get into some specifics.
Here is the most important thing to keep in mind while playing here: If you think it might be wrong to do what you're doing, it probably is. Don't do it. Use common sense... and if you ever doubt something, double check with a DM before doing it. I'm going to list a bunch more specific things, but they all stem from what's said above.

If you ARE found doing something or other that you shouldn't be doing, any punishment given will vary completely based on the situation. It may be something from a slap on the wrist and a warning to an outright server ban. I won't list specific punishments that will be given for any rule, as everything is situational. In every circumstance we will try and make any punishment as fair and as fitting as possible.

Concerning DMs

DMs have the final say, do not get disrespectful or argue in a demeaning way. They often are dealing with a lot at once, sit tight and let them finish up what they need to finish up, and simply go by their judgment in the meantime. It'll work out better for everyone in the end.

If you happen to have a problem with a DM or what a DM is doing, please feel free to approach them calmly and rationally about it. If you are hesitant to do so, please send a message to a different DM and he will approach the named DM.

Remember that DMs are players too, and they're also DMs out of their own free will, using their own time and energy, to try and make this a better place for you to play. Send them a thank you from time to time, it'll make them feel warm and fuzzy.

But because they are players too, sometimes they just want to play and enjoy the world, just like anyone else. Unless a specific DM says otherwise, please don't try and contact them in game while they're trying to play. Some don't mind, but for most it's a pain to have to deal with these things while they're just trying to enjoy themselves.


No Meta Gaming. Meta Gaming is defined as using information that you have OOCly to help you ICly.This also includes logging off if one of your characters gets killed and logging on as another, more powerful character, then killing the one that killed you. This is bad as well as unfair to others. Don’t do it.

No Power Gaming. Power Gaming is defined as trying to get the highest level and the best equipment you can with little to no RP at all, and little to no regard for other players.

No Item Swapping: There is NO, let me reiterate, NO, item swapping between characters owned by the same player. Either by dropping the item and logging out and back in as your other character and picking it up, or by using another player as an intermediary. There are no exceptions to this rule. Even if you play two characters that are ICly related to each other. Even if they're twins. Even if they're siamese twins. Don't do it.

Don't arbitrarily give yourself RP powers that the game doesn't that give yourself a clear advantage over others. For example, being able to read minds. We're all for having unique characters, just don't put yourself at an unfair advantage to be unique.

DO NOT exploit bugs

If you discover a bug that can be exploited you need to alert a DM immediately so we can fix it.

PvP Rules

We use the DMFI Dicebag to fight , check the *url* RP Fight */url* topic about what to roll.

Party and OOC Chat

Keep party chat to a minimum, as it shows up in a DM's chat box and can quickly grow irritating when mixed in with everything else. Party chat should only be used when discussing something with a party that you’re near to the members of your party (for example, calling through a closed door or across an area transition). If you are seen using the party channel as an OOC party and a DM asks you to stop, please do so, as it can often spam a DM's chat window.

OOC chat is fine. This is a game, after all, and sometimes you'd like to just talk with your friends. However, please do it in a more private place, if you suddenly start talking about the latest Jets game on the outskirts of leaf, you're going to be irking people eventually.

Adult Conduct Rules

Before doing ANYTHING vaguely adult oriented, you should ask the permission of the other player, and check they are of legal age.

Now, this is the central rule on this matter: An OOC “No” is final. No debates, no whining, no claims of “No means yes”. If another player says no OOC, the matter is final. Sexual roleplaying is not something you have to take part in, it’s something you choose taking part in. No player NOR DM can force you OOC in any shape or way, and that is utterly final.

If you say no OOC, and the other player continues, you are free to ignore any action he takes ingame (you can walk away even if bound, you do not have to test strength if he grabs hold of you).
If you find yourself sexually harassed (i.e. a player does not take a no for a no), you should take it to a DM right away with log, screenshot, and all. The offender will receive a warning at the very least, a server ban at worst. This is not something that we're going to mess around with.

Keep it private. I don't mind, and I'm sure no one minds, people doing what they want "behind closed doors", so to speak. Anything remotely graphic, however, should be kept behind those doors. Younger people play here, and the last thing we want is an upset parent thinking this is a horribly depraved place for their child to play in.

In Closing

We want everyone to have fun and be able to RP the way they choose, but there are those who do not like to allow this. When we find these players, they will be asked to leave, and if they choose not too, we will make them leave. A DMs only job is NOT to be a police person. We also like to reward good players and sponsor quests as well, but we are not able to if we are constantly having to enforce the rules. So please, lets all be mature RPers and play the game!

*NOTE* We reserve the right to change, add to, or delete from this document as we see fit. If at anytime we do so, we will let everyone know of the changes. Also, many situations are unique, so if a DM changes a rule a bit to fit the situation, that is their decision and it is final.

Thank you for your cooperation,
We hope we will see you ingame!

The Naruto Chronicles DM Team

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