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1. PCs will meet standard canon rules for race options.

2. PCs will have two common names (first, last).

Rules in the forum supersede those found in the server (which may or may not be outdated):

a) Characters MUST have a first AND last name.
b) No titles or 'ofs' in the name. Ex: Lord Yamamoto Yuki; Yamamoto Yuki of Snow
c) Nicknames must be in single quotes and place in the middle of your name. (Example: Yamamoto 'Killer' Yuki,.)
Note you must use single quote ( ' ) as opposed to double quote ( " ) to separate out your nickname. It is a rule because it causes mechanical issues. People cannot send you tells in game otherwise.

3. Sorry, the Red Dragon Disciple class (RDD) is not allowed on this server. Characters found with these levels will be forced to relevel.

4. It is highly recommended that you create a forum bio for your character and update it on a basis with new exploits, internal thoughts, accomplishments, etc. This will allow us a better view of your character and will benefit the character and yourself in the long run Smile
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