Hisoka Akigo: The Silent Guardian

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Hisoka Akigo: The Silent Guardian

Post  Rockstar1984 on Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:13 am

Hisoka Akigo: The Silent Guardian

In the past, there have been many ninjas that were quiet, but at least when they spoke the said more than just three words (to be honest, I have yet to see a player char that is truly quiet). Hisoka Akigo, on the otherhand, speaks only when he needs to, and never even pays attention to a person unless he thinks it's neccessary. His truly quiet nature, makes it so that even when hes not hiding its almost like as if he is (and I actually do move silently rolls every time he walks behind someone, even if hes not hiding). Hisoka is not afraid of people, he is not timid or shy at all. He just thinks that words should be saved for when they are needed, and that words should not be abused. He also remains calm at all times, even in the most dire of cricumstances. If an army of dragons were to attack him, he wouldn't even flinch, or change the expression on his face. Hisoka is also very obedient, following any order that is given to him by a superior from the grass village. He never smiles, and if he were to smile, a puppy would die. and despite paying full attention to the world around him he always seems to stare off into space. He does not look sad, angry, happy, in fact his face shows no expression at all. But, anyone who has ever experienced sadness or pain, could see clearly in his eyes, that he is sad and depressed. Hisoka has a heavy burden on his shoulder, but not even to his senseis he has not revealed it. Only he knows about his past, and no one else does. No one has seen him with a family member, in fact he usually tries to cut off any emotional ties.
Many people assume him to be an evil assassin, judging by his silentness and the way acts, but in actuality Hisoka is one of the nicest and most passionate ninjas ever. Because his past is shrouded in mystery by all but himself, no one knows why but ever since joining the academy Hisoka has had a clear determination hunt down and kill those who interfere with peace and order. Hisoka would save anyone who was attacked by an enemy, he would even risk his life to defend a ninja of an allied village. That motivation is clear; to defend the innocent and bring justice to those who interfere with peace.

Basic Info/Appearance:
Name: Given name is Hisoka, which means quiet. His family name is Akigo, which means "Shining Guardian"
Age: Believed to be 21
Height: Taller than average
Weight: Perfect weight
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long, Wavy, and a ruby red
Clothing/Equipment: Wears plain and simple green and tan clothes that blend in with the ground, and a plain brown cloak. Has a regular ninja pouch, a longbow hung across his shoulders and chest, and a quiver on his back.
Fighting Style: Double Arrow Melee Longbow
Favorite Food: Apples
Voice: Very calm, deep, and assertive
Highest stats: Dex, Int.
Attractiveness: Is very handsome.
Is he actually emo?: NO! He may be extremely quiet and sad, but he is not emo.
Village/Squad: Grass, no squad

Known Jutsu:

Absolutely none

Fighting Style Summary:
He has a regular longbow, which he fires arrows with at both close and long range. He mostly tries to circle the enemy with arrows, and occasionally rush in and hit in the target's blindspot. And sometimes, he will fire two arrows at once, to dual wield. For defense, he may fire arrows to block kunai/shuriken but usually he dodges by making concise sidesteps.

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