Hisoka's Bio

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Hisoka's Bio

Post  Aikanaro on Tue Dec 16, 2008 12:50 am

Name - Hisoka
Village - Leaf
Rank - Genin

Clan/Style - Drunken fist - Strong

Though his years in the academy Hisoka was the odd one out, he was allways far below average in all his grades and could barely throw a punch or cast a jutsu, when he was finally advised to give up on becoming a ninja he left the village in the hopes of finding someone to train him, and he did, but certainly not in the way he was expecting. And when he finally returned to leaf he managed to convince the teachers to give him a test and now finds himself finally as a genin.



D Rank

Satetsu Dageki (Stumbling strike)
By stumbling back and forth the drunken fist is able to catch the opponent off guard to make a more impacting strike on the opponent doing additional damage +1d4 dmg

Botoru Tounyuu (Bottle Throw)
By throwing a bottle of alcohol at the opponent the drunken fist is able to impair there vision giving them a –2 to all rolls for 1d4 rounds due to the alcohol burning there eyes. [max 2 throws per fight]

C Rank

Satetsu Shazou (Stumbling Image)
By stumbling and weaving in unpredictable ways the drunken fist is able to leave a slight after image, blurring it over himself as he stumbles towards the opponent distracting them and causing them to leave an open opportunity for an attack +1d6 dmg

In’intaru Geppu (Bellowing Belch)
By letting out a deep belch the smell of the alcohol the drunken fist’s consumed wafts over the opponent stunning them for 1d4 rounds, the opponent snaps out of the stun when hit

B Rank

Burabura (Sway to and fro)
The drunken master is able to sway out of the way of incoming attacks easily due to there unpredictable motions +3 to dodge for 1d4 rounds (used only on defending)

Waruyoi (Drunken Frenzy)
Reaching a certain state of mind while intoxicated the drunken master goes into a frenzied attack on the opponent, punching and kicking them wildly +1d8 dmg


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