Leaf: Oshimi Clan History

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Leaf: Oshimi Clan History

Post  DM Kabuto on Mon Dec 15, 2008 9:46 am

In the great ninja wars there were only 3 clans of note. The Proud Uchiha. The Noble Hyuuga. And The Vigilant Kaninari Clans. These were the main military force of most countries. But this is not a History of them. This is a history of those clans that Stayed to Protect. Of those major Clans six existed.

The Brave Kaguya Clan. They would have rather Gone to fight than stay to protect, but their pride would not let them leave their home lands of the land of water.

The Ashinara Clan, Known for its strange and curious practices in Ritualistic type jutsu.

The Hancata Clan, only known as those who walk between worlds.

The Fatai Clan, who specialized in animal ninjutsu. Their Rise to power was no small feat considering the close connection to the Inuzuka clan they had come.

The Kokoshki Clan. This Clan was known for its dark jutsu knowledge. Not darkness like that of the Nara, but twisted and sometimes deranged forms of jutsu that could haunt anyone’s memories for eons to come.

Then, the proud and noble Oshimi Clan. It was known for it beliefs in protection. Their perfection in all things seemed overly spartanistic. Training in Chakra control at a young age...m any of their children did not live past the age of 4. Then there was the grueling Physical Training to begin the young shinobi in the art of kyuieken, similar to the Hyuuga Jyuuekin.
When a child trained like this, it shortened their life span considerably.

The Oshimi were known for its 3 branches of order...

Hogosha -Oshimi Protector branch
Warrior Branch. (servant/protector branch)
(60 tokens plus 30 for every upgrade)

Protectors and Police of the Clan. Their Sole purpose is to protect and serve the entire clan. To keep those of the Higher branches safe and without worry of reprisal from outside attacks. This branch of the Oshimi Clan carries an outstanding amount of pride in everything they do.

Perfection is a key element to the entire clan. However those known as the Hogosha or the Clan Oshimi rarely do anything without first putting their hearts into the battle or moment.

They may be effective and brutal, but they do not give up. Sometimes they pity the other branches for not acting on instincts as nature intended. The DR represents the Extended Training the Entire clan goes through. As a result It has become part of the blood trait carried within each of them.

Shiju-kangohei -Oshimi
Scholar Branch (clan medics and lore masters)
(90 tokens + 30 for each upgrade)

The Pampered. The Intellect. The Second best. They Spend their days looking in books. Learning all that they can. They Do not believe that a good time is needed for the survival of the Clan, only Logic and good health.

Because of this, this Branch of the Oshimi Clan Is Exceptionally well versed in the learning of both medical jutsu and normal ninjutsu. Sadly Due to the amount of time indoors this Branch cannot ever receive the benefit of the Damage reduction that many of the other members of the Clan enjoy

However while the other members of the clan enjoy an exceptionally strong body this Branch can easily one up the Protectors with knowledge in jutsu and abilities. Sadly another Draw back of this Branch due to the life of study they cannot ever learn Any Rank above B in any Taijutsu Method.

Suji-junsei -Oshimi
The Royal Branch, Main Branch
(120 tokens + 30 for each upgrade)

The Outcome of what many of the great Clans say to be centuries of breeding. The Perfection of the Clan. The Suji-Junsei - Oshimi. Many of the members of this Branch of the Clan are said to be tested from birth.

Only ones who Share the purest of the bloodline and those who show extreme capabilities in chakra retention even as an infant. From the Moment of birth those of the Suji-junsei branch of the Oshimi clan are relentlessly trained in the Clans Taijutsu.

Some master its forms by the ages 7-9. Fortunately this training comes as second nature to some.... to the ones that it does not... the training either kills them... or they simply become burned out and unable to train.

The Brutality of Clan Oshimi shows itself at these times when the useless are merely discarded. After learning the Clans Taijutsu the members of this branch begin learning jutsu immediately. At very young ages... it is rumored that some children were being trained on S rank jutsu as a test, to see if their bodies could handle the stress.

Those that could not handle the stress were once again discarded, not even being given a proper burial. They were buried as if mere commoners. Sadly the training does not end there. It is now that these Children, barely able to stand, and barely able to live are trained in Medical Ninjututsu.

The Training of the Oshimi Clan in medical ninjutsu is said to be made 3 times as difficult as any other clan or village. Not allowing resting periods and the Child would not gain adult status until completing their training. Those who are physically incapable of handling the great deal of stress on their body normally die or burn out by the age of 11.

Their innate ties with the natural healing chakra within their bodies make them a formidable opponent Some rumors of their bodies being able to heal on its own, or that the clan shares the same toughness in their skin as the Hogosha branch of the Oshimi Clan, Sadly this is the case however while most despise violence they would rather have the Hagosha take the field in combat.

If a Suji-junsei has taken the field of combat there is a good reason. Masters of Logic most of this Clan will put aside their normal feelings and calculate the percentages in combat of fatalities and chance of winning with acceptable loss.

The Oshimi Clan is a formidable foe both on and off the field. The Hagosha serve as the protectors of the clan. Acting as the Police force within the clan, they keep a constant vigil for anything that might harm the clan in anyway.

The Shiju-Kangohei constantly study to bring new advancement to the clan. Whether it be by new jutsu or by political gain. The Suji-junsei are on a constant training. Training their minds, their bodies, and their Chakra network to handle more everyday.

They consider themselves the last line of defense for the clan as a whole. They fend off people from political attacks and physical attacks. It is this mentality the entire clan shares.

  • To move as a family unit.

  • To know everyone from the moment of birth.

  • Very few secrets are kept from members of the Oshimi clan. This makes infiltrating the clan next to impossible.

This history of this clan however is not one easy to take. And not one lightly listened to. Most of the old stories of the Great ninja war speak of the mystic sharingan, while few speak of the other clans and various doujutsu spawned from that great war.

The Uchiha scolls state: "In the beginning there was the byakugan, and from it spawned a twisted spiral now known as the Sharingan."

This history has a similar beginning yet an odd twist.

For in the beginning of the Clan Oshimi, before it was even known as the Oshimi Clan... it was better known, as the Oshimi branch.

Let me first take you back 40 years before the great war. When Life was cruel and war like.

When families and Clans were contracted to do the work of countries expanding their boarders.
(end part 1)

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Part 2

Post  DM Anko on Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:09 am

It was The Hatsujashi Clan that followed many of those who wished to remain absent from the fighting, and wished nothing more than the protection of its peoples. The Founder Orimaia Hatsujashi had three sons. Each by Different wives. It was their clan's custom to ready themselves and expand their line but not their name, so if a shinobi was captured it would not be traced back to the clan.

The First of these sons was Makatsui Kokoshki, and he had been gifted with a unique doujutsu. One that could reverse the effects of any ninjutsu used against him. This was a rare ability indeed, and none of his line were known to have ever mastered it.

The second son, Watahari Hancata, had been gifted with a doujutsu as well. It was one that could speak beyond the world, allowing him to seek out lines of natural chakra, allowing him to almost never completely exert himself or ware thin his jutsu supply.

The Finally the third son, Jukaia Ashinara. He had been gifted with a doujutsu that seemed to unlock the hidden resources of his own chakra, a doujutsu which allowed him to call on any element as if it were his own. His doujutsu however seemed to have another ability. That was to be able to physically split the chakra lines in the world, allowing him to carve and mold it in a ritualistic pattern. This Allowed him to call forth great beasts to fight at this side. ((summoning jutsu))

I am sure as you read this, you will notice, The Name Oshimi has not come into view yet...

But you see it has, because this is also not just as story of the clan. It is also the story of a woman. A young girl who was left behind the scenes because she was her father's pride and joy.

Her name was Aeitai Hagosha, and like all young girls she had a secret love.

His name was Solitai Oshimi. He was a peasant, bound in service to the Lord of the Main line. "To protect" would always be his nindo, but he was proud to. He had something he had to protect, and that was her.

Her Doujutsu was one that carried within it a secret genjutsu. One that allowed her to move at speeds unparallel, Use jutsu, and even block a person from using them against her.

This was known as the Hagosha Mei.

When her father found out about this Secret love, he did all in his power to attempt to push the two apart. Solitai was sent to the front lines, where surely he would parish. The time went on and as the war dragged further on, Solitai refused to die. He became known as "The Shield", as he protected everyone, even his commanding officers from attacks.... even at the risk to his own life.

His officers were astonished by this, and he quickly rose to the ranks of 2nd. Now, labeled with his new title, her father would be forced to accept him as he had proved himself worthy. Solitai sadly was not that lucky. Anticipating this move, her father had him sent to a far reach, deep within enemy territories where he was sure to die.

In a moment of what her father considered brilliance, he mournfully informed her that her lover had perished in battle. It was as if an arrow had struck her in the heart. The pain had become far more than she could stand to bare. In secret she met with her brothers, pleading with them for aid and information.

Her pleads did not fall on deaf ears, however they did fall on the least likely. Jukaia Ashinara had decided to use his doujutsu to form a copy of her, to keep her safe from her father. In the mean time he equipped her with armor & weapons to guide her to her lover.

She Traveled deep into the heart of one of the most brutal and war torn lands. As she reached the area a compliment of ninja were already stationed there and had given Solitai news of his love coming to him. It was a picture few had ever seen a love touched by war and made stronger by it. As they embraced each other they called for an officer of higher ranking, to forge in Secret, a wedding.

That night as all young lovers do they consumated their vows, promising to never again let their love be torn apart. That morning she traveled back to her home, aided and escorted, the now unknowing mother carried the beginning of what we now called the clan Oshimi. Carrying her new sire, named "Oshimi" in secret. She met with her brothers and gave them thanks. To each of them, as was custom, she bestowed on them lands as trophey for their deeds. Each Denied.

One of her brother though, had not been fully honest with her. Makatsui Kokoshki, had spoken to her father in the darkness of the night and had told him of the plot. The Father outraged by this rode out himself to the front lines of the defense to confront Solitai. It was there the unthinkable happened.

As an enemy spy took his chance to rush the lord, it was Solitai who pushed himself between the blade of the attacker and Orimaia Hatsujashi. Solitai quickly dispatched this spy. Orimaia took this opportunity to toss aside this man who had done nothing but serve him in everyway, and buried his blade deep into his back in an upward strike.

It took a moment for many to understand what had happened. There as the Lord Orimaia Hatsujashi held Oshimi's weight on his blade, the tip of the blade protruded from Solitai's armor, just from his heart. Everyone stood there. The battle fields went silent as even the enemy gave pause to this greatest of betrayal.

Solitai slowly turned, reaching back and pulling the blade from his back he did the only thing he could do. As his face went white and he became weak from loss of blood he turned holding the blade out to his Lord. In a sign of true Loyalty he knelt before Orimaia, holding the blade out to him in the palms of his outstretched hands.

He could only utter a few words before collapsing to the ground..."It has been... an honor..serving you..my lord." As he spoke those last grim words his body fell to the ground.

Silence. A silence that had never been heard on a field of battle was heard at that moment.

It is said that when one dies.. the other of a TRUE love can feel the pain... the same can be said of that day. When Solitai fell to the ground, Aeitai's screams could be heard for miles. It was then, in an instant, that she did something many did not expect of this quiet yet brave girl.

In the silence of the battle field her father turned to see a flicker of light as his only Daughter peeled a blade of what some say was pure hate across her fathers throat. Watching his body drop the ground she disregarded his death and went to her fallen lover who's life was failing. Unable to speak he only smiled to her.

He reached to her to touch the tip of her nose, allowing his finger to trail down to her lips. In a forced whisper, he attempted to speak "shhhh....I will, always stand... as a shield... to protect, you." in that moment the light was gone from his eyes, as little drops of moisture fell to his face. It was not of rain, but tears, that fell from her eyes as she held and cradled her now fallen lover.

All who witnessed that moment of pure love, including the enemy who were only fighting for land rights, knelt in respect and honor. As she cried, it is said that her tears fell as rolling thunder across the skies and everyone knew her pain. It was at that exact moment, the silence was broken, not by a loyal follower of her father... But of an enemy, one who's fight was against the belief of Orimaia

"Lady Aeitai Oshimi !"...Lady Oshimi looked down and rose holding his body. Looking out at the now hundreds of kneeling shinobi, she silently thought to her self " No more... The Oshimi name will be one of protection... one of Trust...All will train in the manner my fallen love has, or parish in the name of protection..." This was a silent promise she made to herself.

Years passed and the war ended. She gave birth to Triplets... A Son ... her first born... her pride and joy. Even the medical ninja noted the strength of an infants chakra. His name was Suji-junsei Oshimi.

Her second son, the brightest and already fully aware of his surroundings as a child, she named Shiju-kangohei Oshimi.

Her Third and final son, she looked on to, as he was not as wise, he was not as endeavored with the prowess of chakra, however he was strong, and would become a strong leader and an excellent shield. With this in mind, she named her son. Hogosha Oshimi.

The brothers became inseparable, and as time went on they formed what is now known as the branches of the clan oshimi.
(end part 2)

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Part 3

Post  DM Anko on Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:10 am

My story does not end here. My story simply begins here... in what is now known as the Oshimi Sanctuary. It was a home of protection, and training. A place where a woman, of the Suji-junsei Oshimi branch gave birth to a baby girl. As the medical ninja walked up to the woman, she smiled as he handed the baby over to the mother. " What will you name her?"... then something normally considered to be bad luck as she spoke to the medical ninja. "Aeitai Oshimi."...

The medical ninja was struck at the thought that the woman would name her child after the patron mother, or anyone else, to name a child after someone and not give them a name of their own was to condemn a child to a life in their shadow... and to name a child after the patron mother of the Clan Oshimi...It was unheard of. However, the mother was resound in her choosing of the name, so the medical ninja did as instructed.

Some years passed. The child, at the age of 4, was to begin her training. However, she was denied.. as a new edict had been made by the founding houses.

"No women of the clan were to receive the shinobi training of the clan, to preserve the clan and to strengthening its faultering numbers." As a child of 4, when your dreams have been crushed, and you watch your friends grow and become strong shinobi, it planted seeds of hate in her mind.

For the first time, ever, an Oshimi began to sew the seeds of revenge against her own clan. She left for some time, telling her family she had found love and she wished to go to him. In acceptance, they allowed her to do so. She did not leave to find love but to train... and train she did.. with the most unlikely of shinobi.

She had traveled to the land of fire and began training with a shinobi who felt her pain and helped her along her path, as he had the same plans for his own clan. It was there, in the darkness of the land of fire this pact had taken place. Only their eyes could tell them apart as a hand shake was made between those majestic piercing blue eyes, and those twisted red eyes. As they peered toward each the silent pact was made... and her training began.

As her training took place one of the Suji-junsei Oshimi branch leaders knew something was not settling.

The day she had left, he had given an order for a second compound to be built. One far from the Sanctuary. Some time passed and the order had been carried out perfectly. A young child of the Suji-junsei Oshimi branch had been born and he had proved to be a prodigy of sorts. He learned the trainings of his clan with ease.

The decision had been made, this boy would inherit the legacy of the Oshimi. As the day of his induction neared, a woman appeared in town, with 3 small children, each baring the Hagosha mei doujutsu eyes.

That night, an order had been given, that before sleep had reached their eyes, 1/4 or the inhabitants of each clan would be sent to this new sanctuary.

The order was again carried out swiftly and with out problem. However this woman smiled in the night as her plans took place...unknowing of the clan's construction and move to expand. She quickly sat her children down. " You are born with the blood of nobles. And You will be the ones who carry the clan's name to higher steps. Not this boy." she placed them in a safe place as her words spread through the children, giving them idea's and hopes for the future.

As she crept from home to home, silently killing its inhabitants she looked into the home of this child, the one the clan had laid its hopes and dreams on. She quickly killed his parents who were preparing a grand party in celebration for the young Oshimi.

As she snuck from room to room, killing his brothers and sisters, she came to his room. She stopped and was awe struck as the young boy lay sleeping so peacefully. He looked like one of her sons.

Instead of killing him at that moment she leaned down and placed the bloodstained ninjato at the head of the boys bed mat. "You will know true pain, you will know what it is like to be left behind, and ignored, you will be the one who I place my final revenge with. No one will trust you, and no one will protect you." she said this as she crept out of the building. As she closed the door, she reached over giving a warning alarm one quick, hard, and loud chime. A local squad of ninja from those of the lands feudal lord came quickly in reply. As the boy awoke he found himself in the middle of it all. The smell of blood in the air. Reaching to the head of his bed where his ninjato rested normally he grabbed it and rushed outside, unknowing what he had just done. He was confronted by terror at every turn.

Seeing his mother and father, and those of his clan destroyed, he went outside to see a woman with blond hair tied back into a ponytail with a red ribbon. She was guiding 3 children out of the town. As he yelled to her she did not answer. He quickly found himself slammed to the ground and disarmed as he heard the words "come on... time for a nice little trial for you"....

The boy was charged with the destruction of the clan. Even when the cries of a small child fell on the feudal lords ears he turned his head in disgust. The boy was branded as a murderer and a traitor and locked away as his execution was to commence.

Aeitai watched all of this with joy, but could not allow his pain to end that easily. That night she came to the stocks and killed the two guards. Slipping food to the boy, so he could replenish his energy, she made it seem as if he had escaped on his own. She left a backpack with clothing, extra food, provisions and a note that stated "Run" on it. The boy left... and has not been heard form since

It was only months later the discovery of a second sanctuary was made and a fully flourishing civilization of the Oshimi Clan had been found. Those that knew of Aeitai's betrayal were quick to inform the feudal lord. His sentence already carried out. Guilty or not, he had escaped from prison rather than give fate its due coarse. So the Feudal lord refused to change his choice.

Today, the clan Oshimi thrives and flourishes, always remembering that day when one of their own turned on the clan, since that time the clan has grown tighter, more as a family unit and clan, making it near impossible for betrayal to ever happen again.

Today as I tell you this tell I am willing to bet you are wondering who "I" am...I am the teller of this story... My name... is Solitai Oshimi... and no one... ever asked about my kekkei genkai.
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Re: Leaf: Oshimi Clan History

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