Leaf: Yamanaka

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Leaf: Yamanaka

Post  DM Ramen on Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:26 pm


16 Hit Combo(C Rank): A 16 hit Combo. Reg damage+1d6

Ninja's Wolfbane: Throws a dart tipped with poison, shapped like a flower. It uses Dex to connect. It does 1d4 damage initially, then after that, for 1d6 rounds, it does 1d4 extra poison damage. Poison does not stack. (No one can be "double poisoned")(1 use per battle)

Shintenshin no Jutsu(Mind Body Switch Technique)(C Rank): Allows the user to enter a target's mind, taking control of their body and senses. If the jutsu hits, you gain control of the target for 1d4 rounds. Your own body no longer functions, giving up all the turns of your normal body..as well as leaving it open for attacks. If the jutsu misses, you are stunned for 1 turn. Unblockable. Any damage done to the opponent is also done to you.

Shinranshin no Jutsu(Mind Body Disturbance Technique)(B Rank): A more advanced form of the Shintenshin no Jutsu, this skill can be used into confusing enemies into attacking their own allies, wreaking havoc among enemy lines. By forming a hand seal, the user is able to send a spirit of confusion into their target. Although the target is mentally aware of what they are doing, they are unable to stop their bodies from attacking their allies. It appears that the user is able to stay in their own body with this skill, unlike its predecessor.

If the jutsu hits, you gain control of the target for 1d6 rounds. Your body still functions. You can only have control of 1 target at a time with this jutsu. Unblockable.

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Re: Leaf: Yamanaka

Post  DM Anko on Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:14 pm

Misa Yamanaka.

And wrote these rules. Smile
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