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Quoted from Dranfaelarun

Standing Guard: POST_ waypoints

To make an NPC stand in one position and return to that position even after it moves away due to combat or pushing or possession, etc, you should create a POST waypoint.

To create a POST waypoint, first make sure the NPC has a unique tag. If the NPC is tagged rwk_guard15, then the waypoint should be named POST_rwk_guard15

Note on orientation: I have recently changed the waypoint code so that the orientation of the waypoint arrow is important when setting a post. The creature on post will face the direction of the arrow. This only applies to creatures who are on post or have one and only one waypoint.

Walking Patrol: WP_ waypoints

To make an NPC walk on a patrol back and forth along a set of waypoints, you need walking WP waypoints.

To create walking WP waypoints, make sure the NPC has a unique tag. If the NPC is tagged rwk_patrol3, then his waypoints will be named WP_rwk_patrol3_01, WP_rwk_patrol3_02, WP_rwk_patrol3_03 , etc.
If you right click the NPC and select the "Create Waypoint" option, it automatically creates the next available waypoint for you.

There is virtually no lag cost for creating multiple waypoints.

Be careful when setting waypoints to leave straight and clear paths around or between placeables, particularly the larger CEP placeables. If a creature gets stuck between waypoints, this -will- cause lag.

The following is a lag consideration, so please note it: Avoid using walking patrols when possible, since extra movement fires off nearby NPCs' perception AI scripts unnecessarily. The old Jaded Coin tavern had a room full of 10 NPCs, and every time one of the patrolling commoners walked around a corner, all ten of those PCs fired a perception script noting that the commoner 'disappeared', and then they fired it again when the commoner reappeared. Since patrols continue endlessly, that's a lot of unnecessary activity.
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