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Nisamé Oruchima

Post  Tyrantos on Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:55 pm

Nisamé woke up at the morning, and grunted.
He had stayed up late, training as usual.
It's not like he had something else to do, it was just that he could not think of anything else than training.
Some years ago, Both his parents had been killed in an ambush.
They still had no idea what ninjas did it, And probably never would. ( Or so atleast they told him )
The first days he had cried, Cried until he ran out of tears.
But slowly, as the snow melts and turns into water he had changed.
Now he was determined to find out who killed his parents, and revenge his parents death.

He did not know so many in the hidden mist village. In fact, people who saw him often thought that he no one of importance.
Nisamé did not mind this anyways, Since he liked to be alone.

But now recently, When he finally managed to learn the water substitution technic.
He feels that he is on the way to revenge his parents death...


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