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Senritsu has long flowing red hair, and dark skin. She is about 23. Her eyes are green. She is often seen with a large sword across her back.

Weapon Focus: Greatsword, Epic Weapon Focus: Greatsword



Rope Escape Technique (E Rank): A basic jutsu taught at the Ninja academy. When a ninja is tied with rope, he can undo the knots and escape using this technique.

Cloak of Invisibility Technique (E Rank):With this jutsu one uses a cloak or piece of cloth to make oneself blend in with the background, rendering oneself invisible.

Doppleganger (E rank): This is a basic technique known to all genin. Bunshin no Jutsu creates a clone of the user, which can used to create a diversion or cause confusion. Unlike Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Art of the Shadow Doppelganger), these clones aren't real, and thus cannot do any damage.

Substitution (D rank): Self Explanatory.


Melody Blade

The first ability is the ability to cast genjutsu, by hitting random parts of the sword, creating hypnotic sound waves. The roll for the genjutsu is a normal int genjutsu roll, but it doesn’t need to be seen. It needs to be heard. If it effects the target, they become stunned for a maximum of 1d4 rounds, seeing/hearing what the user wishes in their mind.

The second ability is the ability to create a Soundwave, much like the melody arm. Sending this sound wave is a C rank skill. If it connects, it does normal damage+1d4 and stuns the opponent for 1 full round. This is because it damages the inner ear, making them unable to even stand.

The third ability is the ability to imbue the blade with sound. It costs 5 chakra per round, and adds 4 damage. On a crit with a sonic-imbued blade, it stuns for 1 round.
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