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Mokushi Aburame

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Mokushi Aburame Empty Mokushi Aburame

Post  Karasu Hiei on Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:46 am

Shinwa o Sainou (Myth of Talent)

The body of a new born son, given up as a host to the Kikaichu (destruction bug) in order to
preserve the clan and their unique techniques, known only through the manipulation and controlling of
the bugs, the true source of the Aburames clan and power. . . The cry of their newborn son, quickly
falling silent as he drifts into a restless slumber, the expressionless father and mother silently
staring at him, "Mokushi will be his name" Said the father, as they both nodded once in unison, most
would think that if the Aburames had shown emotions through that mask that covered their face and
their pitch black style shades, would be a warm smile, to know that they're clan would continue to
live on.

As Mokushi continued to grow, so did his ability to manipulate the Kikaichu, although, he
normally did not do much practicing until his later years, until he knew fully well that he could
manipulate them with little to no effort at all, so he would instead try and accomplish minor tasks
with them, using them to find other bugs, study them, and occasionally go out to catch some more,
most of the young Aburames time being spent outdoors or with his father for the occasional training
session. Later on, it wasn't until he had finally reached the age of twelve before entering the
academy, the time he spent there seemingly dragging on and on, the time spent on each different
portion of the academy classes lessening and seemingly growing shorter with each passing week, the
weeks turning into days as the kunai practicing, shuriken practice and the ever-annoying
henge-practice seemingly flying by as the end of the year reached, and Mokushi was finally tired of
the whole ordeal.

Out of the small class that he had been in, he was fourth in the top ten to graduate from the
academy, his abilities with the kunai and taijutsu portion of the teachings causing him to not be as
proficient as the rest of his classmates, but his chakra control and manipulation of it unsurpassed
by anyone in his class. Upon exiting the academy, Mokushi had reached the age of Thirteen and been
assigned to his very first squad upon attaining the rank of genin, his sensei known as Hakoji Desend,
and together he would be squaded with a Nara, known as Rikou, and a Hyuuga, known as Miya, together,
they would form squad ?, and begin their lives as shinobi. . . It took a few days for Mokushi to
adjust not having to go to the academy any longer, the first couple of days being spent at home to
practice over everything he had learned back in the academy and to re familiarize himself with a few
of the techniques he had learned during his time in the academy, clearly not worried about what his
other squadmates or Jounin sensei may wonder about his whereabouts or why he hadn't shown up for the
first two days after exiting the academy. . .

After that two day period, he had finally met his sensei and his two squadmates for the first
time, it was in the hospital, apparently Rikou had sparred against Miya and lost and needed some time
to recover, Hakoji turned to look at Mokushi, "Who are you?" Mokushi stood silently, his hood covered
over his head and his Aburame style shades glinting slightly and reflecting the light right off of
them as he spoke up silently, his voice volume never going above the slight whisper, yet he
maintained a seemingly cold and calculating confidence, his tone never wavering, "Aburame, Mokushi. .
." Hakoji's brows would rise slightly for a brief moment before Miya had turned to look at him, both
of them speaking in unison, "Where have you been?" He would shrug slightly and speak up in that same
tone once again, "I was practicing with my father, reviewing the academy teachings and a couple of
our clans techniques. . ." The room would slowly reek of an awkward silence, Hakoji speaking up
again, " Sooka. . . well then, since Rikou here is out of commission for the moment, we will have you
introduce yourself later. . ." Mokushi would nod once and simply exit the room, not saying another
word before hearing a obnoxious females voice, "Wait!" he would stop for a moment, turning slightly
to see Miya walking over to him, examining him over for a brief moment, "Where are you going?"
Mokushi never was much for telling people what he was doing or where he planned on going, so he did
what he normally would do, his shoulders would shrug slightly as he turned around again, once again
speaking in that cool confiddent tone, "Don't worry about it. . ." as he said that, he would walk
out, not saying another word, Miya and Hakoji speechless at the Aburames interaction with them. . .

That next day, he had gone to the Memorial to pay his respect to the Third Hokages grave
stone, turning around and heading over towards the three wooden training posts as he caught Miyas
figure in the corner of his eyes, his arms had started rising before then but he had slowly let them
fall back down, "What are you doing. . ." he would say, his voice never going above that of the
slight whispers volume, Miya would approach him silently, folding his arms into her pure white robes'
sleeves, "Why do you ask, commoner, am I not allowed to be here?" Mokushi right then had realized
what kind of girl this Hyuuga was; No different than any other noble, he would shake his head and
raise his arms again, a swarm of Kikaichu flying out from the Aburames sleeves and rushing towards
the first wooden post, swirling around it and slicing it up, forming thousands of small cuts until
they had finished, the wooden post now appearing as if it were a sharpened toothpick, the swarm of
them flying back into his sleeves and crawling into microscopic holes within his skin. . . Miya
wouldn't appear to make any expression at the technique, although most would think it to be simply
grotesque and far too gross to be an effective technique, "Why are you out here by yourself,
commoner?" Mokushi would glance over to her for a brief moment before shrugging again and folding his
arms across his chest, "Training. . . why?" Miya would stare at him for a brief moment, "Hmph, why
train by yourse--" Mokushi would cut her off mid sentence, "Because it's better than wasting time
waiting for you or the lazy Nara" his arms would unfold from across his chest and simultaneously, a
single line of Kikaichu would swarm out from under his right sleeve, rushing towards the middle post
and slicing around it, mimicking the same movements it had done on the previous wooden post as it
would also take on the look of a sharpened toothpick, the swarm flying back into his sleeve once
again as his arms both dropped to his sides, Miya was quite flustered at being cut off mid sentence,
her anger being reflected in her tone, "Do not think you are better than me, commoner, I am a noble,
so you will respect m--" Mokushi had cut her off again, "You, are a genin, just like me, and just
like the lazy Nara, you will gain respect when you have earned it, noble, that is how -I- was raised"
once he finished saying that, he would shoot his left arm up, the swarm of Kikaichu swarming in a
single line towards the third and final post, swarming around it and slicing it up, seemingly
mimicking the same movements as they had previously done, yet this time upon returning, there was a
clear distinction between the first two posts and this one, the once wooden post reflecting the other
two, except in much greater detail than the last ones, "I'm done training for today, good night
Hyuuga." As he said that, Mokushi would turn slightly and walk off, his arms at his sides with his
hands in his pockets, quietly walking back to the Aburame compound and taking refuge to his bed,
where he would quickly fall asleep and prepare for the next day. . .


Name: Mokushi Aburame
Age: Thirteen
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 165 lbs. (slender)
Rank: Genin
Element: Lightning
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Likes: Women, reading, training, solitude
Dislikes: Sound shinobi, Kamizuru clan members, rude/mean/obnoxious/annoying people
Personality: Mokushi's personality is no different than any others; Calm, collected, and never laughs, the tone of his voice would reflect the seriousness of his attitude at times, but usually leaves much to be desired with his unnatural confidence.
Nindo: To uphold the Aburames clan and technique.

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