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Hyouretsugan (Hyoutan Dojutsu)

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Hyouretsugan (Hyoutan Dojutsu) Empty Hyouretsugan (Hyoutan Dojutsu)

Post  Karasu Hiei on Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:16 am

Hyouretsugan: Hyoutan Dojutsu:

A cold wind blows one winter morning, children laugh and play with their friends, building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate together, all the while an infant lie shivering in the snow, barely wrapped in any clothing at all as a tall pale white figure approaches the shivering child and leans down to pick the child up, the boys eyes a pure black color that seems like an endless void with a slightly blue tint to them, while a pure white collar made of silk is wrapped around the boys neck, a fine black ink simply staing, "Karasu Hiei", the tall pale white figure would look at those eyes momentarily, his eyes resembling those of a serpents as he wraps up the child and quietly walks off with him, never to be seen or heard from after that moment. . .

The journey from the snow village across the lands from the Land of Spring to the Fire Country was long, the pale white figure encountering many shinobi and effortlessly disposing of them as he made his way back to his village, not stopping for a single moment to rest; it was as if he had no clear destination, just wandering aimlessly for days that slowly turned into weeks. . . Soon, the two found themselves within the Earth Country, along the borders of the Hidden Rock Village, they approached a small gate, they slowly creaked open as the pale white figure walks through them, finally entering the village. . .

Days went by that turned into weeks. . months. . . then years, soon after he was found by Orochimaru and taken to the Hidden Village of Sound and raised there until he reached the age of 11, training desperately in hopes that he would become a great ninja that would be known across the lands. During Karasu's training, Orochimaru had taken notice of his affinity for water and wind elements, realizing that he had the ability to become a powerful shinobi in a short amount of time.
. . .

Karasu had soon come to realize why he was abandoned at birth, due to his Kekkai Genkai, which is why he came to the conclusion of why he was abandoned at birth, and also the reason for his affinity for the wind and water elements, not to mention that after meeting Zero-Sama and Zukaku-Sama, the Kage and head ANBU of the snow village, that he knew right away that he was originally born in the Village of Snow, which would also contribute to Karasu's natural talent for learning water and wind jutsus, as well as snow and ice quite easily.

Soon after he had met these two, Karasu had secretly met with Zero and Zukaku and told them that he needed to get away from Orochimaru as soon as possible, and wanted to return to his home in the Hidden Village of Snow, hoping that he would be able to stay there for the rest of his life, praying that he would not have to go back to Orochimaru or sustain any injuries from trying to escape his reach.

It has been two years since that day that he left the village, and he is extremely determined to not ever go back.



The Hyouretsugan (Literally meaning: Frozen Foresight) is a dojutsu that is manifested when a Hyoutan has nearly reached their full potential with their abilities, and is said to have three stages, similar to the Sharingan. This dojutsu has only EVER been seen with very few shinobi who possess the abilities of a Hyoutan, as such, it allows the user to apply the traits of ice in battle in order to read movements easier and possibly manipulate or empower ice style jutsu.


The Hyouretsugan has three stages and there's a clear distinction between all of them. The first stage, the Hyoutans eyes lose their natural color and are filled in with an icy blue color with a faint glimmer of the Hyoutans natural pupil color. The second stage, the Hyoutans eyes take on the same icy blue color except there is now no longer any trace of the Hyoutans pupil, at this time, the Hyoutan is able to notice things that he may not have been able to foresee before, allowing him/her to make decisions with more time. Finally, the third stage, the Hyoutans eyes go completely ice blue and fill the entire socket, as if their eyes were made of ice, this final stage of the Hyouretsugan allows the Hyoutan to see all movements and actions performed as if they were moving in slow motion, note that while this stage is activated, everything is reflected within the Hyoutans eyes, as if someone was looking at a mirror.


No one is exactly sure where the Hyouretsugan was originally created, some believe it was a low profile clan hidden somewhere within the mist village, while others believe that it originated in Yukigakure (The Village Hidden in the Snow). One thing is for sure, is that wherever it did originate, has long since been forgotten, and it was thought that it had vanished from existance. . . The one thing that many people thought the purpose behind it, was that it had the ability to in fact manipulate, and even create, a link to the past, allowing the user to go back in time and travel places that had never been visited before, allowing them to change the course of the future.


While active, it is well known that the Hyoutan is able to foresee movements and allows for faster reaction time, while this is not the only ability it is known for, it is the most vital to the Hyoutans combat prowess. Some of its other unique aspects include the ability to shut down part of an enemies mind, making the victim believe that part of them had been frozen over and unable to use parts of their body, the other ability is to reflect an opponents attack or jutsu, the users eyes flashing momentarily in order to re direct ones attack.

While this dojutsu mirrors the sharingan in the ability to predict movements, the Hyouretsugan specializes in making the Hyoutan much more perceptive in all cases, and is even able to make their victims believe that the Hyoutan is moving faster than them or making them feel as if they're slower in all aspects, because of this, the Hyoutan is able to cancel or even reflect the effects of genjutsu to the same enemy who casted it or to another if desired to do so.

The Hyouretsugan possesses a unique aspect when the Hyoutan has fully matured; the ability to freeze an opponent in their tracks, allowing the victim to believe that they've been trapped underneath an avalanche of colossal size, the weight of it crushing them down further and further. The ability that is used in conjuction with this allows the user to emit a genjutsu that traps the opponent in an endless ocean that is completely frozen over, the avalanche moving towards them at such a high rate of speed that when the victim tries to move away from it, are too clumsy to hold their balance and fall, the avalanche quickly catching up and crushing them underneath.

Receiving the Hyouretsugan

The Hyouretsugan is acquired through rigorous training and many different experiences, depending on what the host values most determines how and when they shall acquire the dojutsu. Since this isn't a dojutsu given at birth, it is able to be extracted before the Hyoutan acquires it, allowing for it to be transplanted within someone else, however, upon activation, if transplanted within a non Hyoutans body, it will send an extremely cold chill through the persons body, forcing them to resist its icy effects; if they're unable to resist, then the victims skin color will permanently change to a pale ice blue color, and make them more susceptible to fire based techniques.

PVP Effects and Rules:


PVP Rules
Genin: Icy Blue eyes, visible pupil: +1 attack/defense +1 wisdom/dexterity rolls, +1d6 ice damage to taijutsu/ninjutsu
Chuunin: Icy Blue eyes, invisible pupil: +2 attack/defense +2 wisdom/dexterity rolls, +1d10 ice damage to taijutsu/ninjutsu
Jounin: Icy Blue eyes, filled socket: +3 attack/defense +2 wisdom/dexterity rolls, +2d6 ice damage to taijutsu/ninjutsu, Crystal Apocalypse (Suishou Mokushi)

CP Costs:

Genin: 5 cp to activate, 3 cp per round maintained.
Chuunin: 3 cp to activate, 2 cp per round maintained.
Jounin: 2 cp to activate, 1 cp per round maintained.

The Hyoutan is able to foresee movements before they happen upon maturing with the Hyouretsugan.
Genin: +10 to spot
Chuunin: +15 to spot
Jounin: +20 to spot

Crystal Apocalypse
Once the Hyoutan has a fully matured Hyouretsugan, they may perform a dojutsu specific genjutsu, requiring eye contact and a wisdom roll. If successful the victim is frozen solid for 1 full round and costs 10 cp.

Hyouretsugan reflection
When an opponent uses a ninjutsu or genjutsu against the Hyoutan, they may make a wisdom roll and flip the jutsu back onto its original user and make it much more potent than when previously casted. This may also be used against a visual dojutsu genjutsu, but the original user receives a +2 bonus to try and resist it.

Done in defense with Hyouretsugan activated. Ninjutsu is reflected with an additional +2 to whatever bonuses the Hyouretsugan would naturally give and deals additional damage based on the rank of the jutsu used:

Rank D: +1d4 +2 CP cost from base cost
Rank C: +1d6 +3 CP cost from base cost
Rank B: +1d8 +5 CP cost from base cost
Rank A: +1d10 +8 CP cost from base cost
Rank S: +2d6 +11 CP cost from base cost

When used to reverse genjutsu, the original user must make a natural save of DC 17 (no mod) or the genjutsu takes effect on them, visual dojutsu genjutsus need only make a natural save of DC 15 (no mod).
CP Cost: 8 cp.


Once the Hyoutan has reached full maturity with their Hyouretsugan, they are able to make any ice jutsu more potent and much larger, allowing ice jutsu to become AoE's, depending on the rank of the jutsu:

Rank D: +2 CP to base cost
Rank C: +3 CP to base cost
Rank B: +5 CP to base cost
Rank A: +8 CP to base cost
Rank S: +11 CP to base cost

In addition to enhancing ice jutsus, they are able to "freeze over" part of an opponents mind, in turn affecting their ability to perform taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu:

Genin: Gives -1 to either taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu rolls for the entire fight
Chuunin: Gives -2 to either taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu rolls for the entire fight
Jounin: Gives -3 to either taijutsu, ninjutsu, or genjutsu rolls for the entire fight

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