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Grass Village Quest Request for Hisoka Akigo

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Grass Village Quest Request for Hisoka Akigo Empty Grass Village Quest Request for Hisoka Akigo

Post  Rockstar1984 on Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:23 am

I have only seen a couple grass pcs, and I have not seen them for a couple weeks. For that reason of Grass being one of hte most badass villages but seeing no rp except for the one char I have who doesnt have grass nins to rp with, I would like to participate in a quest of sorts that could involve other villages with Grass as the focus.

I have no real story planned out for it, but my intent is to have the Grass Village play a larger role in the server. As some may know, I think the smaller villages are cooler because they aren't as overpopulated, but at the same time they aren't rped as much. Most players with non-leaf chars just go to leaf for more rp, even I despite preferring other villages do that. So if other smaller villages were involved, like Mist and Rock, then it would open up some rp oppurtunities for those villages.

I was thinking that the quest should involve Hisoka, and as I said maybe other small village ninja, to go to other villages to find information regarding a person, organization, or maybe the Akatsuki? and end up in some epic battle at the end with some high level npc or pc. Maybe the Grass Village Daimyo could intercept some kind of information from the Akatsuki or Orichimaru or an organization made up specifically for this quest, and send out a jonin to get more information based on the clues they have (horribly cliched, but thats the best I can come up with). The jonin has to assemble a small squad of people and in doing so he picks Hisoka Akigo to be one of the members. The jonin knows Hisoka, and thinks that Hisoka would be great for the job because of how near-impossible it is to distract Hisoka from his duty, due to his quiet nature.

So that's my idea. Something for the lesser player-populated villages, including some of the token cost villages. And for those who want to help and participate in this to it'd be great to post up a few ideas please.

And just for the hell of it, a brief description of Hisoka Akigo:
Hisoka means quiet, and he lives up to that name exceedingly well. Hisoka has a saying "Language is a tool and it should not be abused". He is incredibly quiet, speaking only when he needs to, and looking at people only when he needs to. When he has a task he is assigned to do, almost nothing can divert his attention. He has never once opened up to anyone about his past or family, and he never socializes. In addition to his quiet personality, he is very loyal and protective. If a trainee at the academy were attacked by a missing nin who was once a Kage, he would no hesitate to protect that kid and sacrifice his life. Hisoka is for some uknown reason, especially protective of people who have families that would miss them if they died. Hisoka remains calm in any situation, no matter how intense.

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