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Basic NPC Creation Guide

Quoted from Malachias

In the module there should be most common scripts and placeables. If there is any problem or need for specific area contact me or Rovalin (or someone else with the whole module).

There's been questions about NPC's. Currently I have not had enough time for make a complete NPC guide but here's quick reference on most important NPC related functions:

• npc_g_animate – for NPC’s that don’t need to be raisable, walks around and can move arms, used in the OnSpawn slot.

• npc_g_immob_anim – for NPC’s that don’t need to be raisable, stands still, but has arm movement, used in the OnSpawn slot.

• npc_g_rais_anim – for NPC’s that should be raisable, walks around and has arm movement, used in the OnSpawn slot.

• npc_g_rais_sanim – for NPC’s that should be raisable, stands still and has arm movement, used in the OnSpawn slot.

• npc_g_raisabl_os: used in the OnSpawn Slot for Quest NPC’s

• npc_ondeath: used in the OnDeath Slot for Quest NPC’s

• npc_g_sitdown_os: used in the OnSpawn slot for an NPC that are supposed to be seated on a chair (bench or other sitable)

• npc_guard_percei: used on town/city guard NPCs in the OnPerceive Slot

• npc_g_sitdown_os: used to make NPC sit on closest bench or chair with tag Chair (with capital C). Used on OnSpawn slot.

To give a pc to be part of the rumour system just give him/her conversation rumourspread and put crt_rumorspread to User Defined slot.

This is just to get you started. I'll make more complete text when I have more time in my hands.[/list]


Oh... and when making an npc. Remember to try give it an unique resref. Undead001 is not good enough for zombie and commoner001 for simple commoner.

I have been trying to figure out which category has been used and for what... for what I've seen I'll recommend following guidelines for choosing which category to choose:

* Choose a place where you and others can easily find it (the golden rule)
1. All the DM controlled chars should be placed in Tutorial.
2. Citizens and guards of towns in general can be found in Custom 5... so we'll probably use that as well.
3. General NPC's should be but under Category NPC and choose the sub-category by their race.
4. For ongoing storylines it can be more more useful to use some of the custom categories as these may require quick to find situations. Use Custom 2 for those. These can be later (after the end of storyline) be moved to their appropriate place.

Let's start with those... I'll review them if needed. Also if someone remembers old guidelines I would glad to know about those.

Not change on that list so far.
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