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Quoted from Dranfaelarun

Item Blueprint ResRefs
TSM's treasure table looks up items based on the item's blueprint resref. Resources in the module are also saved by the resref name, so to avoid one builder's work from overwriting another's, having unique resrefs are required.

NWN tries to assign a resref for you, but this is almost never what you want. When creating a new item, it takes the item's name as the resref. When creating a copy of an item, it tries to make a unique resref based on the resref of the original.

When creating items from New, when it asks you what this item is going to be Named, it is best to give it a RESREF instead of a name! You can change the name easily, but changing the resref is more work.

Unfortunately, many items are already created with a bad resref, so this is to show you how to re-resref them...

In this example, we are updating an old item with a new resref to enter it into the treasure table. We will also change it's name and tag while we're editing it.

We want to change Masterwork (Hizagkuur) Banded Mail's resref to m1_bandedmail001, to enter it in our treasure table as the first "magic level 1" banded mail.

In the Toolset palette under Custom Items, find the item to be edited and rightclick, selecting Edit Copy.
CHANGING RESREF ON ITEMS Nwnhowtoitemreresref1df8
To re-ResRef an item, you need to Edit Copy, or else the toolset won't let you change the ResRef.

The Item Properties window opens up, and you'll see that the Blueprint Resref field is not greyed out like it would be if you had just pressed Edit instead of Edit Copy.
CHANGING RESREF ON ITEMS Nwnhowtoitemreresref2qc6
Identify the fields in the original item that you need to change. Note that the ResRef field is editable.
(Note: Never press that "..." button next to the Tag field. It asks NWN to automatically assign an available tag for this item, but given the size of TSM, your toolset will hang for several tens of minutes. Don't. Press. It. Similarly, don't press the one next to Name either.)

Edit the ResRef to be what you are assigned to change it to. If you don't know what resref you should be using, consult the Lead Builder. Unlike what was done in the past, Builders should not be assigning arbitrary resrefs to items, especially for items to be entered into the treasure table. Guild items have a special prefix required in their resref. DM items should have a different unique prefix, and all treasure table items require a specific prefix. In our case, the new resref is m1_bandedmail001.

Since we are editing this item, we will also change the tag to be identical to the resref, except for the three numbers at the end, to denote that this item is an m1_bandedmail. The tag for items matters only if it will be referred to in a script, though in this case it is only for sanity's sake. (edit: Actually, just make the tag the same as the resref. its easier to copy and paste, and since we're not using the tag right now anyway, the faster the better)

We're also going to rename the item. Surprisingly when it comes to building and the toolset, the item's name matters the least. The resref is what it identifies an item by. The tag is what the scripts identifies an item by. The name is primarily just for us humans.

CHANGING RESREF ON ITEMS Nwnhowtoitemreresref3qd6
Make necessary changes/edits per instruction by the Lead Builder, and click OK.

The item is now resreffed. The edited, corrected copy will appear underneath the original and be selected. Now is a good time to delete the original since we don't need it anymore.
CHANGING RESREF ON ITEMS Nwnhowtoitemreresref4lu1
The just-edited copy will appear at the bottom below the original

This item can now be exported. Since we changed its resref, you can now find it under its new resref.
CHANGING RESREF ON ITEMS Nwnhowtoitemreresref5by4
Export the item for submission to the lead builder. Don't forget to put a meaningful Export Comment!

"re-resrefed Hizagkuur Banded Mail (/Armor/Heavy)" might suffice for this case. When exporting items, always indicate where in the Palette they can be found
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