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Quoted from Dranfaelarun

Jump Destination Waypoint

This waypoint should be set at the endpoint/destination of a jump transition (ex., climbing a rope or ladder). It is where the PC will emerge after using the placeable that made the jump. Orientation of the waypoint arrow affects which way the PC is facing when they emerge.

-The tag for the destination waypoint must be identical to the value of the JUMPWAYPOINT variable in the placeable that originated the jump. (for details, see below)

How a One-Way Jump works:
To make a one-way jump from a placeable to a destination someplace else, two main components are needed: 1 Waypoint, and 1 Placeable.
1) A destination waypoint with the tag named appropriately to give a hint of where we jumped from. (Emphasis: based on the ORIGIN)
2a) A placeable with a variable JUMPWAYPOINT set to the tag of the destination waypoint.
2b) The placeable's OnUsed script must be set to tsm_jump2waypt

The DESTINATION waypoint tag depends on the origin of the jump, but should have a format approximating this:
DST_<origin map>_<origin description>
For instance, if we jumped from a ladder placeable in rivermoot in Rappi's store, we might have a tag as:

The DESTINATION waypoint is placed at the destination, at the end of the jump. In the ladder example, the waypoint would be placed whereever the ladder leads.

In the origin PLACEABLE, a variable should be set with the name JUMPWAYPOINT (in all-capital letters: it matters), type string, value set to the same tag that this waypoint has.

In the above example, the ladder placeable needs to have a variable with a name JUMPWAYPOINT, type string, value as DST_rm_RappiStoreLadder.

Casing is not so important for the actual tag except for standardization and ease of reading. Consistency and Uniqueness are more important. We reference the origin in the destination waypoint for ease of identifying where the jump originates. It could technically be anything, even where the jump ends, if multiple placeables jump to the same location. It's just generally easier to find and read the waypoint's tag than go through placeables to see if they have the right variable set.[/quote]
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