Purpose of This Forum: 'How To Guide'

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Purpose of This Forum: 'How To Guide' Empty Purpose of This Forum: 'How To Guide'

Post  DM Ramen on Sat Dec 13, 2008 1:16 pm

This area will be an online "Builder/Scripter Guide" that can be used to share the various bits and pieces of knowledge gained by everyone within our builder/scripter teams. I recommend that each new bit of knowledge is entered as a seperate topic so that any discussions/corrections by others regarding each topic is kept in it's own 'area' and easy to find. Placing multiple "topics" in one thread will make it difficult to find the one you want or make corrections/input to a single piece of a multi-topic thread.

If you have appropriate information of any type for new (and old) team members feel free to enter it. For example, this can contain general technical knowledge of how to tie scripts and situations together or the more artistic side of creating unique areas. (ie., an incredible wooden "floor" by sinking tables down in a pattern until they are barely seen above the ground.) Feel free to add such artistic knowledge, but please list each step and piece of it and perhaps where to find everything necessary. If possible, also include why you added it and what it brought to the "scene".

I know that everyone will benefit from the talent each of you have and from this sharing of skill amongst our incredible team.

I would also recommend a standard naming convention for the topic, but at the moment have no suggestions. If anyone has a layout suggestion, please feel free to bring it up to help make finding information here convenient and simple.
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