All About Puppet Masters (Rules, Jutsus, etc)

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All About Puppet Masters (Rules, Jutsus, etc)

Post  DM Ramen on Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:09 am

All Puppet masters start with Kugutsu Jutsu. (Puppet mastery). The only way to actually KNOW Kugutsu Jutsu is to start a char as a puppet master. This isn't a technique that can be learned.

As long as they have enough chakra:

Genin = One puppet
Chuunin = Two Puppets
Jounin = Three Puppets

Puppets summoning costs 20 chakra. This isn't the cost of the summon but the reprisintation of the chakra being used in battle.

Puppet Masters get -2 to taijutsu rolls. (such as throwing a punch or dodgeing physically and what not). This includes tools and weapons useing dex/str.

Puppet masters start with 1 basic puppet. These can be anything you want, but will only do basic damage with no unqiue effects. Basically like a training puppet. For more complex puppets, you need to buy them for rp tokens. Send me (Dm anko) the puppet, and I'll put it on the dm forum, nerf any uber stuff, etc etc. Puppet prices vary depending on what the puppet can do.

Puppet HP = 1/2 Puppet master's lvl + puppet master's Wisdom mod.

Puppets attack using wisdom. They block using wisdom.

Puppets take wpn dmg, -1. This doesn’t apply to regular taijutsu, just weapons.

Using several puppets grants you extra turns every puppet,so 2 puppets =2 attacks

When a puppet master performs jutsu or attacks or something, it uses it's turn. For example, you can't squeeze in extra turns and use your puppets. You either use your puppets during the turn, or do something else. There's no combining the two.

Puppets have no chakra system. They're obviousley immune to Poison, chakra drain, genjutsu, etc etc. (Puppets...not puppet masters)


Note: For all these jutsu, you need to know Kugutsu Jutsu.

Voice Throw
Description: Allows the puppet master to throw their voice and talk from their puppet.

Henged Puppet
Rank: E
Description: For rp uses only. Allows the puppet master to henge the target puppet. If it gets hit, the henge dissipates.

Basic Mechanical Knowledge
Rank: D
CP: 3

Description: The puppet master may use their turn to repair the damage on one of their puppets.

PVP:Recovers 1/10'th of a Craft Weapon roll, rounded down..on one targeted puppet.

Guided Kunai
Rank: D
Description: Allows the puppet master to attach a string to their thrown kunai or shuriken, making it easier to guide with the string.

PVP: The puppet master can use their WIS instead of DEX to throw shuriken and Kunai.

Puppet Substitution
Rank: D
Description: Works like substitution, but the puppet appears where the user was (it doesn't take damage from this attack)..and the user dissapears somewhere.

Chakra Tsumazuku Kousen no Jutsu (Chakra Tripline Technique)
Rank: C
CP: 5
Description: The user sends a chakra wire out to trip the opponent, seeing as the wire is hard
to see, the puppet master makes good use of its effect. A basic warm-up technique for most beginning puppet masters.

PVP: The target makes a STR/DEX roll against your WIS to stay standing up or they fall prone taking -2 to defense and cannot attack for 1 round.

Hisaji no Mai (Dance of the Flying Spoons)
Rank: C
CP: 5
Description: Using this quite handy trick, the user is able to move around objects as he would puppets
with his Chakra strings. To be properly effective, the technique can only affect inanimate

PVP: The user makes a STR/DEX roll against the strings or is disarmed for 1d4 rounds, then they may reclaim their weapon as a free action.

Chakra Sheild
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 8

RP Description: A puppet master jutsu, A mechanism in the puppets arm fans out to bringforth a barrier
of chakra that can block many deadly attacks.

PVP Effect: Gives the Puppet master +4 to block as long as they block with the puppet

Hito Ningyougeki no Jutsu (Living Human Puppetry Technique)
Rank: S
CP: 20
Description: Using this technique, the puppeteer is able to attach his Chakra string from Kugutsu no
Jutsu onto a willing creature of the same type as the user. This allows the puppeteer to use the "puppets" strengths with
some of thier own to attack with greater effect.

PVP: The user controls the target as long as they are willing as a puppet. noting this technique requires a lot of concentration
disallowing the use of any other puppets by the user. All attack and defense rolls are now made with the User's WIS mod + the Targets DEX/STR mod.. whichever
is higher. If the puppet or the puppet master is "KO" then the jutsu ends.
Requires: Jounin

Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu(Ten Puppet Collection)
Rank: S
CP: 30

Description: The user unravels and releases 10 of it's puppets from it's collection. Useing 1 finger expertly to control each puppet, it's able to swarm and attack with amazing ability.

PVP: The user now controls a thing called a "puppet swarm" for 1d10+1d8 rounds. The puppet swarm
HP is equal to the 1/2 user's level + the user's WIS mod. The user may make 5 attacks each round with
the puppets. The swarm pretty much moves as one, so enemies would attack the swarm as a whole. The user may not use any jutsu or activate
an mechanisms on any puppets in the swarm. The puppet's damage is always 2d6+2 for each hit.The user's CP total CP is reduced by 10 for 1d4 RL days after using this

Note: Requires Admin permission, and a DM vote for anyone to learn this and takes 1 week RL with heavy RP to scribe the scroll and make the DC rolls.
You make three Rolls each RL day infront of the DM running your training. the DC is 18, if you fail the three rolls then the next day is 18, but if you succeed a 18 the next
day will be DC 17, and then the next day 16 and so on and so forth until you reach DC 12. Even if the week is up and you havent hit DC 12... you still need to keep practicing.
Required to learn: 40th level jounin, 10 puppets, WIS MOD of 18
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