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Post  DM Ramen on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:35 am

1) If you should use a CEP light placeable or a CEP door placeable when building, be sure to REMOVE THE ONHEARTBEAT SCRIPT. It cause major lag otherwise


1) Any custom npc, should you plan to create one for some reason, must be placed in
Custom/NPC/Special/Custom 1. Custom NPC items will go into Custom/Item/Special/Custom 1. If it isn't it will not be implemented.

2) Custom jutsu widgets will go into Custom/Item/Special/Custom 2

3) Keys for anything will not be in Custom/Item/Special/Custom 3

4) Custom Items that are used by player PCs found in stores throughout the server go in Custom/Item/Special/Custom 4

5) Ooc, or quest/event specific items will go into item/placeable/npc ->custom/special 5

6) DM Wands and things of the like must go into Custom/Item/Tutorial
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