#1 Leaving Ghosts on Server - how to fix

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#1 Leaving Ghosts on Server - how to fix

Post  DM Ramen on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:30 am

Note from the Dev. Team: Since this bug is not exactly a bug that is auto-fixed for all without it being read here first, it has been stickied for your reference.


I'm a new player here on the server, and the first character I created... took about 3 seconds to look around before the server crashed. I came back on, and my character was not avaliable to choose from on the server player list.

So, I created him again.

When I came into the world, my original character was now a NPC standing in the opening area of the Server.

I am stumped.

If you are playing NWN with other people on your same network, you need to edit your respective nwnplayer.ini files to prevent problems from occuring.

In your NWN folder (most likely C:\Program Files\NeverwinterNights\NWN) there is a file called "nwnplayer.ini". Go into it, open it in notepad. Search for a line called "Client Port=5120" and change that to something different like "Client Port=6120"

Do this for ONE of the two systems on your network only. That should create enough of a difference between em to have the server discern who's who.

Step by step instructions for the computer illiterate:
This may not work if you don't have the default installation:
-> Click the start button. Press "R"
-> A window called "Run" should appear asking you what to Open:
-> Type into that text box:
notepad C:\program files\nwn\nwnplayer.ini
-> A notepad window should open with the file open, whose first line should say "[Game Options]"
-> Press CTRL+F to find a string called "Client Port"
It should read Client Port=5120
-> Change it to Client Port=6120
-> Alt-F S to save the file. Close the file.
-> Restart NWN.

Make sure that each computer on your LAN that plays NWN uses a different, unique port! One computer be port 5120, the second be 6120, the third be 7120, etc

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