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Kanzen Hyuuga

Post  Karasu Hiei on Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:14 am

Yabou Yokubou of Hyuuga (Ambitious Desire of Hyuuga)

The wind blows calmly one summer evening in Konohagakure, laughter fills the air as this

night would mark the newborn prodigy of the Hyuuga family, a sudden calm falling over the village as

a womans scream and a babies cry is heard simultaneously, the boys cry slowly dying down as his

parents both look at him with a bright smile across their faces, "Isn't he beautiful darling?" His

father would nod once, "He's perfect dear, we shall name him Kanzen." They both smiled as Kanzens

eyes remained close, his crying now over as he slowly drifts into a dreamy slumber, the calm of the

night now leaving the air as joy and laughter picks back up, a celebration will be made of this night

as Kanzen enters the shinobi world, unknown what adventures or missions may await him, one thing is

for certain, his beauty and strength would astonish the world as he grew in age.

Weeks went by as the first few months went by rather quickly, Kanzen quickly becoming of age and

began his training upon the age of four, a truly remarkable event in even the Hyuugas storyline.

"Kanzen, you're not focusing enough, you need to be more nimble and precise with your movements and

attacks, you are too predictable and your enemies will be able to dodge your attacks if you don't

become faster." Kanzen appreciated all of his fathers words and advice that was given to him,

adhering to whatever he was ever told so that he may fulfill his fathers expectations in showing that

he is a true prodigy among the Hyuuga family. "Father, is this better?" Kanzens feet seemed to become

much lighter and his attacks more precise, his father quite proud at the drastic improvement from

before, it was as if a nights rest changed the prodigal sons abilities to such measures, it was the

difference between night and day, Kanzens father astonished at his sons improvement, *thoughts* "The

difference between yesterday and today was such drastic a change, this, truly, is a miracle within

the Hyuuga family, a true prodigy of our clan. . ." *thoughts ended* As Kanzen continued to practice

his technique and the Jyuken simultaneously, not only had his ability increased greatly, his

endurance had seemed to increase exponentially as well, Kanzen able to train and practice much harder

and longer than the day previous. . .

Months went by as he continued to perfect the Jyuken style, his father continually growing more and

more impressed; and proud, of his son Kanzen, not long after he had reached the age of Eleven, did he

enter the academy, his ability far surpassing that of any of the other students, proficient in all

the tasks and classes that he was given and clearly able to perform these tasks without much effort.

. . The days and weeks seemed to go by rather quickly as Kanzen had continued to show everyone that

he clearly was above them, finally graduating at the age of twelve to the rank of Genin and being

assigned to a squad with another Hyuuga who seemed to share the same talent as Kanzen, he was

determined to find out who was the better of the two, yet, he seemed to enjoy her company, whatever

her name was, it was clear that Kanzen had taken a liking to her. . .


Name: Kanzen Hyuuga (Perfect Hyuuga)
Age: 12
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White, pupiless
Village: Konohagakure
Primary Element: Medical
Secondary Element: N/A
Rank: Genin
Specialty: Jyuken Style (Gentle Fist Style)

Theme song: Follow (By Breaking Benjamin)

Likes: Girls, training, sparring, learning new techniqes, kind people
Dislikes: Cocky guys, bad guys, Sound shinobi, mean people
Personality: Kanzen is a calm and collected individual, his confident appearance complimenting his

attitude perfectly, quick to protect his heritage and those he cares about, Kanzen is not only well

trained in the Jyuken style, he is also a medical shinobi in training, making his abilities even more


Nindo: See all, know all, protect all.

Short Term goals:

Become Chuunin
Become Jounin
Surpass Neji Hyuuga
Master Eight Triagrams One-Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms

Long Term goals:

Become ANBU
Defeat Neji Hyuuga in a Duel
Kill at least two members of Akatsuki
Master Eight Triagrams Three-Hundred Sixty-One Palms

Secret Goals:

Take the spot of one of the two Akatsuki he kills
Kill the Raikage and replace him


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