Questions on Jutsu, Dms please clarify

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Questions on Jutsu, Dms please clarify Empty Questions on Jutsu, Dms please clarify

Post  MShadows on Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:18 pm

These are just a few things I wanted some clarification on.

1. Are jutsus that were learned –before- the character wipe and server reset, have to be relearned since the server is back up? Should ooc things like a character wipe, really affect your character icly to where they don’t remember how to use those jutsus, yet still have all their memories of people and places?
2. As a medical ninja, are you allowed to use your medical jutsu (healing palm) in battle, if you are a genin?
3. Are Chuunin’s allowed to teach Genin’s or other Chuunin’s jutsus? Or is it only a Jounin that can teach others?

Thank you for your time, Wink


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