Ongakunou Mustaine, An Unlikely Ninja

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Ongakunou Mustaine, An Unlikely Ninja

Post  Rockstar1984 on Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:02 am

Although the musical tastes of the ninja are not mentioned in the Naruto series, it is obvious they wouldn't really like hard rock and heavy metal music, and most of them don't run around saying "Dude, did you go to that 'Metal Allica' concert last night? It was frikkin' epic man! *hifives, secret handshake, and then headbangs*", yeah not really appropriate for ninja isn't it? There is one ninja however, who has successfully shattered that stereotype by jumping on stage with his guitar and playing various Rock songs such as Dyin' On a Prayer, the Jungle Welcomes You, and Through the Water and the Oceans (btw, extra points to those who know what songs/bands the musical jokes are referring to), and once played in a band called "Electric Heavy Symphony". So why exactly did a rocker metalhead join a ninja academy? And btw, before some of you complain about rock and metal music not being in the Naruto world, remember that Naruto does have modern technology, which is why I think it would have modern music.

During his regular school life, Ongakunou was always getting into fights and trouble, he was behind on his homework, and he did many stupid things that wound him up in an emergency room. He was a very protective and vengeful person, and whenever someone bullied his friends he would smash their heads against a wall. He also had several people telling him to turn the volume on his guitar's amplifier down, but when that happens he turns it up loud enough so he can't hear them complain. "If I can hear the police talking about a noise complaint, its not loud enough". Ongakunou listens to a lot of heavy metal, hard rock, punk, and whatever would be considered 80s music in Naruto. Favorite bands are Insane Brother, the Ramenones, and Joan Bet and the Blackart.

Ongakunou Mustaine was playing at his first gig ever, a school talent show when he was 13. He had gained a reputation at his Middle School in the Fire Country for having great Jam Sessions, but he never really performed at a gig before. He played a guitar battle at this gig, against someone known as the best guitarist of the school named Eddie San Jalen. Ongakunou had failed, and was destroyed by his rival's skills. After the talent show, the friends of the guitarist who beat him started teasing Ongakunou and one day he finally cracked and pounded two of them facedown into the dirt. It turns out that the one he had not yet beaten up, was a missing ninja who disguised himself as a teenager to avoid the ninja hunting him down. And so the missin nin used his taijutsu to nearly kill Ongakunou, and he would have died, were it not for a heroic and powerful jonin. A jonin hunting down that missing ninja came in to interrupt the fight, saved Ongakunou, and realized that this was the missing nin he was looking for and killed him.
Ongaku was impressed by their ninja fight. They used techniques that he had never seen before, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and various tools. And the way the ninja that helped him beat up the missing ninja made him evern more intrigued. Ongaku knew almost nothing about being a ninja, but when he saw that fight he wanted to get that same power and go on missions and stuff, just like in the Mangas he read a while ago. He looked everywhere around the town he lived in, and eventually recognized the ninja that saved him. He asked him about how one becomes a ninja, what they do, and various newbie questions. When he told his parents about the idea, they approved and encouraged him thinking it would make him responsible and keep him out of trouble. Ongakunou left the town he lived in, and went to join the Leaf Village Academy.

Ongaku is now 17, and graduated to a genin. He modified his guitar with his technical skills to make it a battle weapon, and is now ready to rock the ninja world.

Basic Description:
Age: 17
Body: Tall, average weight, and very muscular
Hair: Long and curly brown, with ruby-red highlights
Clothing: He wears a sleeveless studded leather jacket, Leopard-spotted spandex pants, fishnet sleeves, two studded belts that cross each other around his waist, one spike-studded glove on his right hand, and he wears a plain grey t-shirt with his band's logo called "Thorn of the Rose" (the logo is a slightly wilted rose with blood dripping down the stem and off the tip of the stem). Ongakunou also wears red lipstick, and black eyeshadow and masquera almost everyday.

Weapon Style:
Weapon Name: "The Battle Axe" get it? battle axe is a real weapon, power ax is a common slang term for an electric guitar.

Ongakunou uses an electric guitar that he modified himself, as a weapon. Using chakra manipulation and his knowledge of guitar mechanics, he succesfully made it resistant to taijutsu/weapon attacks, and most ninjutsu cant damage it beyond repair. He wields the Battle Axe like a greatsword, gripping it just underneath the head on the fretboard. The strings are designed to not go out of tune when he fights with it. He uses the guitar against his enemies, like he were smashing it on stage. He slams and crashes it down on his opponent's bodies, and it somehow lives through all this abuse. For those who have seen the series Fooly Cooly, its much like Haruka's guitar fighting.

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