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Read Me First!

Post  DM Ramen on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:28 am

Please, when reporting bugs:

1) Number them with the next number in the sequence. If the last bug you see is #210, then yours is #211

2) TITLE YOUR BUG REPORT MEANINGFULLY. You make me mad if you don't. If its a floating placeable in moonwood interior west, call it "Floating Placeable in Leaf Apartments Interior".

If a reported bug hasn't been fixed, you can bump it after a week or two, but make sure it has a number and a proper title.

3) Read before you post. Smile

4) When ever possible, please include the name of the map you found the bug on, if it's a bug found in a specific location. For example:

    I found a <bug of some sort> in the Hidden Village of Sand map.

That doesn't help us much in locating the bug as:

    I found a <bug of some sort> in the Hidden Village of Sand, Red Market Interior.

5) To the DMs and/or development team who has fixed a posted bug, please say so in that post and the title will be adjusted appropriately to 'fixed'.

Thank you, carry on!
DM Ramen
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