Cya'll in a bit (Hopefully)

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Cya'll in a bit (Hopefully) Empty Cya'll in a bit (Hopefully)

Post  Shino/Heart on Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:46 pm

Cya'll around... I'm quiting the server, yus, i know, everyoens going 'gloom'l be back, she always coems back' and hopfully i will,i think everyone on teh server is great, and that RP has gone over the many dicefights now, and i hope ya'll have fun RPing, and jsut so everyoen knows, i'mnot mad at anyone but mabey myself a little, i will be on teh forums, and all my char's are deleted. Kanju, Sano,Iniko, ext ext. if this stops any RPs, i'm sorry, buti'm pretty sure it willnot, the RP is that they died, plain and simple. Ya'll choose how, idc, I will hopefully be coming back if my request for Haniona is accepted, if not,then it was cool meeting you guys,and you all rock, and your all great RPers ^^ i'll check up on the forums every couple days, if anyone needs me, just send me a PM here on the forums. I wish you all well, and hope my request is accepted so that i can have haniona back, and just so Garra knows, since yus pat is possibly thinking this, NO, i'm not even trying for my 60 tokens back for my char's ( Unless Dm' say i can have them, otherwhy's, no Razz ), so noone get all mad as soon as icome back, if i do ^^ hope ya'll have fun, cya aorund hopfully ^^

PS: i'll also be on bleach and daggerdale if anyone wants me Razz Bleach char: Kanaku Huranishio Daggerdale: Zeik Bloodstone, and Cenari Lenuce.

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