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Jack is tall (6'1 - 6'4) for his age (16) and has long red hair, which is in dredlocks. He's lean and mildly handsome, but doesn't have macho man muscles or anything. His face usually shows that he's depressed, but he -usually- tries to hide it. His eyes are a weird shade of brown. (Almost blood red)
Uber Skillz
Jack has superhuman speed and finesse, having worked on both from age three. He is mildly strong, and knows all basic taijutsu moves. (Nothing with chakra yet, though) He also has very good hearing, which he works on improving every day. (He has his methods) He has such good hearing that he can tell what someones writing...just simply be HEARING it. He is good at concealing himself then moving silently while concealed, also.
He prefers using his fists, deliver his opponents into knockouts, concussions, and even death if he wants, but along his travels when he had left Leaf for awhile (Me leaving the server Razz) he found himself in medeival Japan, with samurai, and learned how to use a ninja-to and katana as easily as his fists, though he MUCH prefers his fists. He also knows how to use basic ninja tools, such as shurikens and kunai-knives. He also knows how to keep a steady flow of chakra to walk on trees, even while fighting.
Jack Russel grew up on the outskirts of leaf with his mother and younger brother. From age 3, his father, a Jounin of the Leaf, taught him ninja skills and how to move at superhuman speeds and finesse. By age seven though, Jacks family was destroyed, and only he and his brother remained. He stayed on the streets for two years, went to the academy, graduated Top Student, and became a genin. For six years he was a genin, failing, even though he was top academy student. His luck had gotten worse. Even worse, he had no friends, and some of his nicknames are Jack the Failure Ninja, and Jack the Friendless. He joined a squad and made but ONE friend. That friend died to a sound ninja soon after. He's now depressed about everything in life. Being a failure, having no friends..the only thing that keeps him alive, he says, is the challenge the chunnin exams present.


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