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Post  MShadows on Tue Jan 06, 2009 4:18 pm

~Sayuri of the Hojo Clan~

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Sayuri2

Name: Sayuri (meaning “small lily”) 小百合

Clan: http://nwnnaruto.forumotion.net/official-bloodlines-clans-f16/sand-hojo-t217.htm

Village: Sand Village (Sunagakure no Sato) 砂隠れの里

Element: Lightning

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

Appearance: She is long and slender (currently 5’5, 100lbs), with large oval-shaped eyes that look almost silver, as the color melts into a new shades of color, taking in surroundings around her. She has white hair seemingly made of silk and kissed with the awing color of snow; the length varies between medium and long (she’d never think to cut it short). Unlike her brothers, her skin is an ivory white and seems to have been never touched by the sun (she doesn’t tan at all… even if she does live in Suna >.>)

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

Hobbies: Seamstress/ Tailor, Med Ninja (in training)

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

Likes: Warmth, Sun, Fabric, Patterns, Fashion, Light Jutsu, Reading, Writing, Colors, Tea

Dislikes: Cold, Death, Pain, Arrogance, Loss, Dishonor

Weaknesses: physical strength, nightmares

Strengths: ninjutsu, concentration, agility, healing

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

Habits: Tends to bite her lip when nervous, unsure, or hesitant. When sleeping, she often drools on whatever she is leaning on. On meeting a new person, her eyes always tend to observe the outfit or fabric they are wearing. If she is feeling threatened, her hand immediately goes to the hilt of her katana, but recently she finds it faster just to flow chakra to her hands, readying her lightning jutsus.

Traits: Rarely raises her voice, unless needed. Reflective eyes that pick up the color of her surroundings, and also gives a glimpse to whatever she is feeling at the time…

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

Eye Colors (meanings)
(( Razz I think I’ll let you guess Razz ))



~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

Jutsu(s): (Defensive, Offensive, Misc./Basic)

Healing Jutsu Minor
Mystical Palm Technique

Electric Jolt Jutsu
Lightning Strike
Lightning Current Strike
Thunder Crash
Heavenly Lightning Cutter

Rope Escape Technique
Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Water Walking Skill
Substitution Technique

~Hojo, Sayuri~ Newrule

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~Hojo, Sayuri~ Empty Mission: Answers

Post  MShadows on Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:19 pm

//a bit graphic, just a warning ^-^

Mission: Answers

A calm chill swept over the darkening forest, as the day had finally turned into night. A small flame, crackling and licking at the wood underneath, was the only light to be seen. The light danced across the soft folds of a small sleeping bag, its fabric wrapping around the figure of the human inside. Next to the sleeping figure, laid a rather large scroll, its decorative writing and a strong seal placed upon it, more then recognized this scroll to be worth quite a lot…

Footsteps can be heard, slicing through the silence of the night, circling around the small campfire. The smooth soft hum of metal drawn echoes with the shifting of the trees and rustling of leaves; the bandits move forward. A sharp point hangs over the sleeping figure, strong hands steadying the blade, and with one swift movement, slices the blade into the sleeping figure’s neck, making a quick and silencing death…

A hiss of wire slides across the trees, and the piercing cold of a blade presses against the man’s neck. His eyes widen as the bandits around him are raised in the air only inches from the ground, the small fire reflecting its light, sliding across the wires digging into each bandit’s neck. A feminine voice echoes with a soft mix of accents, but her softness is not to be fooled with her content, “Ligature strangulation is what this mechanism is, using their own bodyweight to my advantage. Although not in all cases is the carotid arteries fully compressed… but I suppose, with tighter the wire, it can be fixed…” The wire tightens, kicking of dirt and sounds of struggling rustle against trees. A slender hand digs into the man’s arm, threatening his shoulder, as the blade bites into his skin; she continues; “Now you have ten seconds to answer…” Beads of sweat slide down the man’s forehead as the pain strengthens, his voice shakes in fear, “I-I don’t know! W-We were just order to steal the scroll---” The wires tighten. “Damn it! This was supposed to be a quick and easy kill! She was supposed to be a traveling tailor---” His eyes widen, as the sleeping figure is nothing but sand and the scroll is yet another pile of sand, its grains lazily drifting off from the nights cool breeze. “W-who are you?”

The voice melts into the air smoothly, “The tailor you failed to kill…Oh…hmm… five seconds left.”





//hmm.. wonder if she killed the poor guys? or if she ever got her answer? your guess ^-^

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