Asigawa, Ominaka

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Asigawa, Ominaka

Post  Dm Gaara on Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:36 am

First Name: Ominaka
Last Name: Asigawa
Known Aliases: “Mask”, “Noble”
Age: 15
Mother: Unknown, Presumably deceased
Father: Unknown, Presumably deceased
Siblings: One Brother- “The Phantom”- Missing
Blood type: AB
Hair Color: Cobalt Blue
Eye Color: Cerulean Blue
Place of Birth: Land of Waves, (Exact Location Unknown)
Occupation: Genin
Element Affinity: Water (Medical Based)
Missions Completed:
D- 1(1 Flawless)
B-2 (2 Flawless)
Known Jutsu Techniques:
Medical Jutsu
Mystical Palm
Poison Extraction
Chakra Punch
Osmosis: Gloves

We begin this file on a young boy we have recently acquired wandering around the forests of fire country, close the Land of Waves. The boy seemed distraught, at the apparent age of ten he was carrying several boxes shaped as inoperable books, as well as a photo. Obviously the most spectacular thing about the child is the fact that his skin pigment seems to be a light Azure color. We will attempt to dig into this boy’s memory to discover what happened to him.
Phenomenal, we have discovered that the boy belongs to the Asigawa Clan, a family recently wiped out by a lesser known underground institution. It is rumored that the clan holds the secrets to a very unique bloodline. We have wiped the boy’s memory and fed him an alibi, his training as a Shinobi begins in a week.
The boy is making remarkable progress, he has only been training as a Shinobi for a year, but he has already reached the same level of skill as the majority of his peers. The one thing the instructors have noticed is that the boy has little to no social skills. This will need to be watched.
The Asigawa has graduated from the academy near to the top of his class. I specifically had him placed into Millomein Jard’s squad, to test Asigawa’s mettle, and ability to cope with something that he hates, socialization. He does not seem to be coping well.
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