(Ryuutei) Riku Natachi

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(Ryuutei) Riku Natachi

Post  Al'akir on Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:05 am

= His History =

Long ago a woman named Serina gave birth to a child of great promise and would most likely excell in the Ryuutei clan but his anger was to much for her to handle .That Child was Riku. When Riku was 3 he strangled his twin brother Shinzo to death. After seeing this Serina couldnt bare to look at her very own son so she give him a necklace with the clan symbol on it and put him in the ophanage. When Riku seen his mother leave him at the orphanage with the foster mother name Akane Shikyo , Riku begain to distant himself from everyone. The other orphans teased and picked out Riku as he sat in his corner saoking in the darkness of his haert gaining more and more anger until finally when he was 6 he slaughtered 6 of the orphans and one genin that tried to stop him. It took 3 chuunins to stop Riku's rage upon the orphans. After the chuunin's seen Riku's power they recommended him into the Mist acedemy. Riku had a special instructor to keep him away from the other students. The instuctors name was Niki Natachi , when she seen Riku's necklace she noticed Symbol and told Riku what she knew about Riku's family and what happened. So she trained him made him stronger that was her downfall. Late at night Riku snuck into her room and killed her to protect himself from being killed by other mist ninja's that might hear from her. After Niki Natchi's memorial was made Riku would go to it everyday to pay his respects.By the age of 14 he graduated from the acedemy and became a Genin he filed his name as Riku Natachi as hes still worried for his safety.

<-- Riku's normal form.

<-- Rage Form. blue tribal tattoos form around his cheeks and the Blue(change the flames color to blue) flames of chakra form around him.

Name: (Ryuutei) Riku Natachi
Age : 14
Height : 6'11
Weight : N/A
Hair color : Jet Black
Eye color : Deep blue
Items he holds dear to him : His necklace
People he hates : Almost everyone . . he distances himself from everyone hes scared to let anyone close.

(Only has first form for now will update when i gain next form)
Beast's Wrath aka Yajyuu no Gekido (Barbarian Rage)- +4 STR and CON, +4 Initiative Rolls, 2 extra HP (accumulates with the recently changed CON stat), 4 extra Chakra, adds 1d4 to physical damage rolls, -2 Blocking/Dodging, +4 against Genjutsu, Can't use Ninjutsu/Genjutsu. The eyes of the Ryuutei start glowing blue, his voice takes a thundering tone

Dragon's Wrath aka Ryuu no Gekido (Improved Barbarian Rage)- +6 STR and CON, +6 Initiative rolls, 3 extra HP, 6 extra Chakra, 1d4 to physical damage rolls, -2 Blocking/Dodging, +6 against Genjutsu, Can't use Ninjutsu/Genjutsu. Blue glowing tatoos starts forming around the Ryuutei, his eyes turn into a deep blue color, with pure chakra sparking from them.

God's Wrath aka Kami no Gekido (Mighty Rage)- +8 STR and CON, +8 Initiative Rolls, 4 extra HP, 8 extra Chakra, adds 1d4 to physical AND ninjutsu damage rolls, -2 Blocking/Dodging, +8 against Genjutsu, Can't use Genjutsu (the user is so used to control his wild chakra that he can shift the Ryuutei chakra into his known ninjutsu. Only techniques of Genjutsu doesn't work with Ryuutei Chakra, wich can be only used for destructive and harmful purposes and jutsus.) Blue flames of chakra surrounds the user's entire body.

The rage effect lasts for a 1d10+Wisdom+Constitution rounds, consuming 5 chakra for each round. The user may end the Ryuutei chakra whenever he whants, but if the user reaches 0 chakra before this period ends, the Ryuutei chakra starts taking control, harming the user slowly (1d6 per round). No matter what style of Wrath he may acquire, he stays permanentely at God's Wrath (Kami no Gekido) stage until the user dies or goes unconscious, with a difference of receiving -4 to Block/Dodge rolls instead of the regular -2.
At this stage of uncontrollable chakra, red falmes of chakra starts consuming the user instead of the God's Wrath stage blue flames, until he is forced to stop. Also at this stage, the user will try to crush down everything on it's path. If it moves, he'll try to kill it.

After the rage period ends, either by the will of the user or not, the user becomes completely worn out. He cannot use any of his left chakra until he rests, also gaining a -2 on ALL his rolls in case of the Beast's Wrath, -4 in Dragon's Wrath and -6 in God's Wrath. By any chance this penaltys reduces one of the status or HP (not the CP) to less than 0, the user passes out.

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