Terian Aseph

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Terian Aseph

Post  ArmitageShanks on Fri Jan 02, 2009 4:01 pm

The Village of the Hidden Mist is widely known by all to produce only the most brutal and heartless of Shinobi but not much else is common knowledge for this seclusive yet powerful nation.

The Aseph Family have produced generation after generation of cold blooded killers, each child having killed their siblings before they dream of starting life in the Shinobi Academy.

Times have changed, civil unrest still grips the Rain country yet the nation has turned its attentions out of it's own borders and in an attempt to change the public image of it's people, many of the "old ways" have gone.

Terian Aseph is the first born of his family - Seventeen years of age and nearing the end of his Academy years. Many an opinion is of the young Nin' to carry on the brutal methods of his family and his... Social status. Many a Genin avoid the young Ninja for fear of what the Aseph name brings with it.

Average height and slight of build. He is the typical gangly teenager with deceptively spindly arms and legs that have served to surprise many a tutor in the academy for the strength and speed they contain. He is always seen to be carrying a wrapped Greatsword upon his back - the trademark of any young hopeful to become a member of the legendary member of the Mist Swordmasters.


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