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Name: Naku Ukia

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 5’10

Weight: 130

Village: Leaf

Rank: Chunnin

Element Affinity: Fire and Wind

Specialization: Ninjutsu Combat

Distinct Features: His Akatsuki Hat he obtained from Kuraku, a good friend of his before he left Leaf.

Level in NWN: 23

D Ranked- 21
C Ranked – 10
B Ranked – 6
A Ranked – 2
S Ranked – None

Known Ninjutsu

E Ranked

1. Substitution Jutsu
2. Henge Jutsu
3. Bunshin no Jutsu
4. Jumping Technique
5. Water Walking
D Ranked

Fire Style: Gentle touch of fire:
Rank: D
CP: 3
Rp Description: User blows out a gentle wave of fire at the oponent
Pvp Effect: 1d10 (Taught by one of Taka's crazy NPCs)

C Ranked

Fire Ball Jutsu
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
RP Description: The User blows out a ball of fire to engulf the target.
PVP Effect: 2d8 damage
Teaching/Learning Sad See Ankos Training) - fire element (Taught by Uchiha Sao)

Name: Fuuton: Rinshijani Sora no Jutsu (Wind Release: Flight of the Sky)
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: n/a
Rank: C
Elemental Affinity: Wind
CP: 5
The user creates wind under his feet and shoots up into the air about 5 to 10 meters or higher. Usually used for dodging or to do an attack up in the air.
PVP: Gives the user +2 Dodge rolls for 1d4 rounds. (Taught by one of DM Gaara's NPC's)

B Rank


A Rank


Photograph (Sketch by DM Zabuza):

Physical Appearance: Naku Ukia stands at an average 5’10. He has a lean build, with striking raven black hair. His eyes match his eyes, said to be ‘pools of onyx’. He wears his long time friends Akatsuki hat, which he won in a gamble. He has a noticeable scar down the right side of his cheek from Kuraku, when Naku went after him after he left Leaf.

Short Biography: Naku Ukia was born and raised in the Hidden Village in the Leaves, where he entered the Ninja Academy. He was a straight forward student, excelling in Ninjutsu, and a strong sense of his Taijutsu. Though he wasn’t a prodigy child like Kuraku, he ended up in the same three man cell as him. They kick started their rivalry on their first mission, to go to the land of waves to deliver a message. Saying he could get their faster, he took his part of the message and bolted off. Kuraku followed. They were surrounded by Rouge Ninja, when Kuraku bolted off into the main mass of them. Naku threw two kunai at his enemies then leaped into the air, coming down with a great axe kick that threw off the rouge ninja. He turned to see Kuraku already finished and watching Naku with amusement. Naku became angry and ran towards the Land of Waves.

The night that Kuraku left the leaf village, Naku ran out of the gates, following him. He found Kuraku talking to a man in a black robe. Naku took out his sword, and charged at the robed man. Kuraku intercepted him, slashing Naku across the face, leaving a large scar. Naku yelled at Kuraku, calling him a traitor, but he knew in his heart, that Kuraku would always be a brother to him.

A few years later, Naku entered the Chunnin Exam; this is where he met his best friend, Jard, and his crush, Ayane. They made it through the first portion of the test, and made it to the Forest of Death. They fought 3 Rain Ninja, where Naku was injured by a crazed ninja with inhuman strength with his sword. Though his injury, Naku pulled through and defeated a puppet master and fought an Inuzuka, where he lost, but he showed his courage and his will to never back down. He was granted the rank of Chunnin. Shortly after becoming Chunnin, Naku left the leaf village with the Hokage’s permission. He was going to come back stronger, and with news of Kuraku…

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