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Akane Arata

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Name: Akane Arata
Age: 14
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Element(s): Wind
Village: Sand
Rank: Genin


Akane lives happily with her Father, Hideo and mother, Akemi in Sunagakure, who run a blacksmithing shop dedicated mostly to civilian tools and building needs.

Akane's story, ironicly enough for anyone that knows her, starts in Kirigakure about 16 years ago...

*the picture gets wavey as it changes to a shot of her parents, considerably younger looking than they are now*

They were young, foolish and in love.. Her father, a mountain of a man with hair as crimson as Akane's and a humungous beard was a traveling merchant and smith at the time, specializing in custom made weapons for the ninja populace. Her mother was a chuunin in Mist and an inheritor of the Hyoutan bloodline. They met when she approached him for custom senbon, and it was what some call love at first sight.. and others call bitter hatred. But, weeks turned into months and her Father seemed to keep making excuses to stay, and her mother kept making excuses to go to his store.. Their true feelings finnaly came out one year later. They were at a party where the Sake was plentiful.. and well you get the idea.
Tensions were tight at the time.. and it seemed as if war was about to break out in the streets. And.. well that sense was dead on. The very next night The bloodline purge began. Fearing for his love he hid her in his cart and sped off into the night claiming he was merely unwilling to risk his tools and lively-hood in a war zone. The guards bought it easily just like any of his sales pitches. Using his connections as a well respected merchant across the great shinobi nations, they made their way to the last place anyone would look for a Hyoutan user.. a heavily fortified city in the middle of a desert. They then changed their name to Arata(Meaning "Fresh" or "New") to help hide their pasts and symbolize The start of their new life, with a new addition...
Akane was always a determined and energetic girl, always wanting to learn or do something new. Her parents always knew deep down she was destined for the life of a kunoichi, bitter and wary still about the slaughter of innocent ninja in Mist and they're escape; they instilled in her a deep sense of loyalty to her peers, resulting in the deep hatred she now possesses of anyone who goes rogue(Her mother told her she was once a ninja but said only that she retired, Akane being young swallowed the lie and has never questioned it). And, they continually hid the Hyoutan bloodline. Even from their own daughter. When she learned she could perform seals with only one hand Her mother told her it was pure luck she didn't die the times she tried. She was told any ninja was technically capable of it. It was just extremely dangerous, and with even the small number of one-handed seals she performed she had only had a one in a million chance of still being alive.. Needless to say she has stuck with normal handsigns until this day. When she wondered what her element was her mother told her Wind and proved it to her by giving her preliminary control lessons for wind chakra she passed with ease.. she has yet to try any other element "knowing" only experienced ninja can gain another. Her whole life she has believed she was a normal Sand ninja, and until her parents believe her responsible enough it will stay that way.. though of late Akemi has been quietly wishing to return to the now more tolerant and peaceful Kiri.

Known Jutsu

-Imploding Knee
-Chakra Punch
-Flurry of Fists: Two Strikes for One

-Small Wind Blast
-Ninpou: Acid Spit
-Chakra concentration: Arms
-Fuuton: Minawana no Jutsu (Wind Release: Snapping Air Bullet)
-Fuuton: Kaikou Jinpuu no jutsu (Wind Release: Breezing Wind)


-Two Strikes One Cut
-Defensive Stance: One Wall Defense
-Wake Buster
8 CP
Kenjutsu (Shirumi Hijutsu)
Descrip: The user channels enough chakra in thier blade, that as the blade comes crashing down on the target
it strikes with enough power to throw the weak of body off center for a moment.
PVP: rank weapon damage (IE: genin 1d6) +1d6 , opponent makes a CON save DC 12 or takes -1 to rolls for 1 round.

Soldier pills(DM Vampirate)

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