Crysta Meth Vault Clean-up

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Crysta Meth Vault Clean-up Empty Crysta Meth Vault Clean-up

Post  Karasu Hiei on Tue Dec 30, 2008 10:03 pm

Hi all, here it is:

Account name: crysta meth

Characters to be deleted: Dernes Rogers, Karasu Hiei (one space, not two) Rajerie Ronoka

Character to NOT be deleted: Karasu Hiei, Karunasa, Rashimi Kareni

If it all possible, I'd like to have this name changed: Rashimi Kareni

CHANGED TO: Tel'Thaarin Kareni

Cheers, Matt.

EDIT: The characters remaining on this account I would like to have switched over to this new account: Insane3Pac1fist

Karasu Hiei

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