Bloodline Idea: Kasai Akuma no Me

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Bloodline Idea: Kasai Akuma no Me

Post  Seadd on Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:07 pm

Kasai Akuma no Me

Litterally meaning, Fire Demon Eye, Kasai Akuma no Me is a kekkai genkai passed through the generations of the Ukia blood. Upon reaching a certain degree of skill, A Ukia bloodmember unlocks this eye, once proving themselves in battle. Unless the User can beat the inner demon of the Kasai Akuma no Me, they start to become insane, before the demon fully takes over their body.

Kasai Akuma no Me Abilities.

Kasai Akuma no Me Ability: Fire Spawn no Jutsu (Rank B)
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
RP Description: The users eyes appear to come aflame, the area he is looking at, or enemy, suddenly becomes ablaze with fire.
PvP Affect: If a hit 3d8 dmg for area of effect part of the jutsu. If concetrated, 3d8 with 50% chance of catching the opponent of fire for 1d4 rounds.
Chakra Use: 8

Kasai AKuma no Me Ability: Fire Negation no Jutsu (Rank B)
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
RP Description: The users eyes appear to coe aflame, any fire the coming at or near the user is suddenly negated and the chakra used to make that jutsu (if it was a jutsu) is converted to the user.
PvP Affect: Fire Ninjutsu Block, Depending on rank of the jutsu, user gains the chakra for it. Can only block A rank and below ninjutsu.
Chakra Use: 8

Kasai Akuma no Me Ability: Fire Demon Shatter (Rank A)
Jutsu Type: Genjutsu
RP Description: When effectively making eye contact with the enemy, the Kasai Akuma no Me user has the chance to trap them in sometimes deadly genjutsu. The person who is trapped in the genjutsu sees an endless valley of fire, Large demonic creatures begin to come towards them, they are all ablaze, screaming in pain, and in bloodly rage, they attack whatever is close.
PvP Effect: If Succesful, 2d10+1d6 Damage to the person, and 1d4 chance to stun the affected.
Chakra Use: 13

Kasai Akuma no Me Secret Ability: Fire Demon Summoning (Rank A)
RP Description: Upon learning this summoning jutsu, the user has basicly sold their soul to the devil. The summoning takes a tremendous toll on the users body, ussually sending them directly to the hospital afterwards. When succesfully summoned, A large door shatters from the ground, a towering demon with wings of fire, and eyes of pure bloodlust comes forth from the door.
Fire Demon Jutsu: All A rank and below fire jutsu.

Kasai Akuma no Me Forbidden Jutsu: Fire Destuction no Jutsu (Rank S)
RP Description: "Under one situation is this jutsu to be used, to protect your village from certain doom." - Teaching of the first user of Kasai Akuma no Me. The users body begins to turn white hot, the ground melting beneath them. His eyes explode in fire. He is still able to fight, adding 2d8 damage to taijutsu, but after 1d6 rounds, the user explodes in a firey hell of burning magma.
PvP Description: (Only useable by Jounin) The users taijutsu gais a 2d8 advantage when succesfully hit. After the player hits their number of rounds, the explode, giving the area a 3d10+1d4 damage. Perma on user.

Old Clan Members:

Toshiro Ukia (Deceased)

Short Description: The first user of the Kasai Akuma no Me, He witnessed his brother die to the Fire Destruction, and placed the forbidden state on the jutsu.

Nagashi Ukia (Deceased)

Short Description: The first user of Fire Destruction no Jutsu, He used it protecting the lives of all his clan mates, held in revere as the greatest user of Kasai Akuma no Me.

List Follows Down to Naku's Father

Rath "The Fire Streak" Ukia (Missing)

Short Description: The Fire Streak nickname was given to him by the Fourth Hokage when he went insane from the Kasai Akuma no Me, as went on a rampage in Kohona, before he left the village with the knowledge of all the fire jutsu.

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Custom Bloodline

Post  DM Kabuto on Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:57 pm

We are not currently accepting custom bloodlines until the bloodlines we have currently are filled.

However this will be noted and will be pulled for voting when the Lock on bloodlines is lifted. Please feel free to copy this and send it to me in Pm.

Thank you
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