Request: Special abilitiy

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Request: Special abilitiy

Post  whydoyouevenbother on Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:49 pm

Lets give it a fancy name.. oh yes: Master of 1000 Styles

The general idea: For no apperant reason, really, Kiyomi Takara, the character i am playing, has a very special way of fighting: As a small background, she is very intelligent and tactical advanced (everyone who fought her for longer than 4 or 5 rounds can admit that) and has, so far only for flair, trained the knowledge of many, many different styles of Melee-Fighting. In fact, she is a novice in almost any known and the most obscure of fighting-styles.
During battle, she changes between them at a, rather, rapid pace. However, these fighting styles are, mostly, uncombinable. Each of them requires her to assume a new way of thinking, stancing and at least several -hundred- small moves and tactics.
During one of the many traing-sessions i had, another player and me got thinking and i started actually discussing it partially with DM's or other players. Now, how to use it? Right now, it brings only flair but no advantage. However, i was thinking (since Kiyomi, lets face it, is as normal as a shinobi can really be) that she may instead use this to a special trait.

The whole thing may look like this (its a rough sketch):

1. Stage: Knowledge of a 1000 Stances (10 rp-tokens):
Disadvantages: 25% chance of loosing turn when changing fighting style
Advantage: After 3 rounds in Melee, Kiyomi finds a new pace and style which can use to her advantage against the opponent. She gains a +1 to attack and dodge/block for/against Taijutsu

2. Stage: Mastery of a 1000 Stances (20 additional rp-tokens):
Advantage: Looses her Disadvantages from Stage 1

3. Stage: One Stance as 10000 (20 additional rp-tokens):
Advantage: +1 on all rolls in all Melees automatically. +1 damage for any physical hits

This is, as i mentioned, a rough scetch. Please talk about it and post (serious) comments. The last word WILL be with the DM's after all.

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Re: Request: Special abilitiy

Post  Dm Gaara on Tue Dec 30, 2008 4:49 pm

This will be noted and saved for when we reopen bloodlines, as this would fall under that catagory.
Dm Gaara
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