Custom Jutsu/Genjutsu/Technique/taijutsu

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Custom Jutsu/Genjutsu/Technique/taijutsu

Post  DM Kabuto on Thu Dec 25, 2008 5:06 pm

All custom Items and Jutsu are being handled as quickly as possible.

Please understand the DM team is swamped with requests at the moment and we are getting to everything we can in due time.

Please remember if something gets turned down it is not the end. Simply rethink, view it from a different angle and try to see what could have possibly lead to it being turned down. Make adjustments and resubmit.

Having said that Feel free to pm me any requests in this department.

Thank you

DM Kabuto

Please Note:
I do have a graph for creating jutsu. A list and token cost sheet that I have been running by for sometime. Please remember that developing a jutsu in character is hard work. It takes time, concentration, the proper lore to know what you are doing, so on and so forth.

Take care & Play safe.
DM Kabuto

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