The Seven Swordsman (Reformed)

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The Seven Swordsman (Reformed)

Post  DM Kisame on Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:19 am

The Seven Swordsman (reformed)

Elite Gaurds, and Assassins, in the Village Hidden in the Mist. They are famous for their ledgendary weapns of great power and the legacy they put behind them. Most Mist shinobi strive to be one so that they may help pass and further thier own agenda's... some end up dead or Missing... or thats how it was in the past with ledgendary swordsmen such as Zabuza, Raiga, and Kisame. The group also used to be known for passing down thier weapons to the next generation but in the reformed group that is not the case. The entry must make a weapon of thier own.. and if all Seven Seats are full.. they must challenge and defeat a swordsman for a seat.

#1: Handashi Ramamochi - Weapon: Keoko (Greatsword)

(Requires DM permission, and Jounin to join. Must have a custom weapon you have used and made famous. The Weapons base token cost shouldnt be any fewer than 30 tokens)
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