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Name: Kiyoshi
Clan: Kaguya
Bloodline: Shikotsumyaku
Village: Kirigakure (Mist)
Age: 15
Rank: Chunnin
Likes: Milk, Making Friends, Girls.
Hates: People who see him as a "Kaguya" Rather then Kiyoshi

Back Story

*Splash* some water flies over the side of his basket waking Kiyoshi, he starts to cry as the current picks up the basket tossing to and fro, There's a loud crash as the basket topples over throwing Kiyoshi onto the shore face first in the dirt. He manages to roll onto his back still crying, And then, Silence. His gaze is met by two unfamilier faces peering down at him. It was a Local Farmer and his Wife, they were a loving couple who dreamed of having a child but after many years were not able to. they knew at once who he was due to the markings on his forehead but decided to take him in as their own.

Untill the age of five he lived a fairly normal life he played with other kids and the farmers raised him on their cow farm, He always wonderd why they forced him to wear a headband but at the same time repected his parents wishes. it wouldn't last long though, One day he was sparing with a friend when the unthinkable happend, His bloodline.. (that he didnt realise he had) Suddenly kicked in as his friend lept up to strike him from behind.. a razor sharp bone shot out of kiyoshi's back stabbing the child through the head killing him instantly. There was no way to cover it up. several people saw and reported him, The Mizukage had The Farmers killed for their act of compassion, but for some reason he let Kiyoshi live, forced to live in solitude in his dead parents house

Since that day everything changed.. people grew cold to him and started to call him as the local freak.. noone would want their children to play with him. It was hard for someone so young to understand what was really happening to him. until the mizukage aproached him one day and asked him if he would like to join the acadamy.. He quickly grew in talent and showed great promice as a shinobi.. even without the use of his bloodline.. but still noone would want anything to do with him.. so in the end he gave up realising that people would not change and focused all his attention on his training.

Although he has a Dark past and more then likely a dark future... Kiyoshi tries to see the lighter side of life and still tries to make friends with the people he meets wanting them to know him as "Kiyoshi" And not as "The Kaguya".

IC Story

Kiyoshi, now a Genin for a year heard of the upcoming Chunnin exams.. as usual the people of Kirigakure wanted nothing to do with him, So he decided to travel to konoha early in order to join a squad for the exams. once there he met a girl named Ayane.. Although at first she still just saw him as a Kaguya.. it was in admiration rather then discust.. and they quickly became close friends. From that friendship sprouted many more and Kiyoshi accualy felt like he belonged somewhere.. he trained hard with his new friends and slowly became more confident about his abilitys and also more confident in himself as a person.

It wasnt long till the exams were due to start when a hooded man aproached Kiyoshi, "Are you the Kaguya?" the man asked. Kiyoshi sigh'd and responded "Yes... But my name is Kiyoshi.. Who are you?" The man answerd "Handashi, A Jounin of Kirigakure.. Ive been sent here to give you some training ahead of the exams.." Kiyoshi having never had a sensai before was very excited by this and welcomed it with open arms.. He took a liking to handashi even though all his new Konoha Friends hated him. It was Exam day Kiyoshi got up early and had some ramen. Handashi collected him and lead him to the Exam room giving him a few last tips along the way before leaving him there. Kiyoshi went on to win the Chunnin exam and be granted the rank of Chunnin.

Theme Song at this point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghCXwgezQak&feature=related

Team Handashi

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