Important Announcement! Read Me!

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Important Announcement! Read Me!

Post  DM Ramen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:26 pm

The selection of the official clans/bloodlines are below. Some are slightly better because of their customized jutsu. They are also more well known and have a strong reputation in their respective villages; often, this will benefit your character's RP in game. However, this means that they do cost tokens to play and each clan/bloodline has a different cost.

If however you do not choose to play the clans/bloodlines offered, you are more than welcome to play a standard ninja and learn the standard jutsu shown in the Official Jutsu Lists.

If you are deadset on a custom bloodline of your own creation, you can write up a very nice and detailed bio, why the clan gets what it gets and how, and some rules for the mechanics that would fit in nicely with the current rules, and we the team, will talk it over. Please note, that many do get rejected because of redundancy.

BTW: Clans that have three or more active characters in them are most likely getting a clan compound made and put in the module.

Many thanks.

DM Team
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