How to Make a Request for a Quest:

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How to Make a Request for a Quest:

Post  DM Ramen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:09 pm

Benefit of this system is that players get to offer RP to in-game events and content without the need to be in the game at the same time as the DM responsible. Correspondence will be handled on an OOC level, so all -In Character- events will have to be properly played out -In Game- OR in the Roleplaying forum. Please remember that DMs have lives outside of NC, and that not all requests be handled immediately or handled at all.

What can you request? Here are some suggestions:

A quest relevant to things already in NC.

A quest that is a spin-off or part of DM started plot.

What we want to see in your request:

Requests that are generally simple and low maintenance. Leave the complicated plots to the DM team.

Group requests have a greater possibility of being picked up because of multiple characters benefit.

Quests that will likely get denied:

Requesting personal quests for your character over and over and over.

Requests that are looking for uber equipment, extra special abilities, etc.

Requesting to explore obscure places in the Forgotten Realms despite lacking IC knowledge of the place. What -you- know does not mean your character knows.

Requests for odd plots or tangents that have nothing to do with your character and submitted Bio Application.


Do Be:
+Do be patient if a DM has expressed interest in your quest request.
+Do be sure to reply to any requests the DM has of you to provide information about your request.
+Do be sure to include links to bio's, rp posts, if relevant to your quest request.
+Do be sure your request is relevant to NC.
+Do be specific about when you, and your party if a group request, can be available in your request.

Don't Be's:
-Don't be whining. “I haven’t had a quest granted in forever! I am awesome, do my quest now!" Chances are with that kind of attitude you'll never get quested.
-Don't be bugging the DM in tells when they are on as a DM or Player about your request. Remember they are helping more than just your character, be respectful.
-Don't be constantly bugging a DM asking when, when when! A reminder or request for status of a GRANTED request every week or so is okay.
-Don't be rude, don't complain, don't whine if you have to wait your turn. This will kill a DMs willingness to help you quicker than an epic level monk can knock you out.


DM granted equipment, special abilities, powers and items are gifts or awards that are granted as a result of being part of a quest, not by special request. These awards from DMs to players are for RP stemming from successful completion of one quest or an on-going one. Do not expect to get gifts from every quest. You might, you might not. Request these quests for the RP quality and not the lootz.

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Sample Quest Request

Post  DM Ramen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:11 pm

Sample Quest Request

Title: Give your Request a unique title so that it will be easier to figure out which quest we're talking about. Including your character or group name would be a good idea.

Request: Give a brief description of what you're looking for and how the quest relates to NC events or the NC world. If there are SECRET elements to your request you do not want everyone to see, just state it. Give as much information as you can without spoiling your idea. This doesn't have to be the entire plotline, just enough for us to decide if we're interested in your quest or not.

Available days/times:
We need this information to make better choices on which quests we can help with.

Participants: This would be you and another other characters involved.

Links to Relevant Posts: Include any links to bios, rp threads, etc. that would help the DM know more about what your asking for.

IF a DM decides to pick up your quest he or she will post in your thread that they have picked up your quest. They will then PM you for details and to decide if your quest will be run either on the forums, in the game, or a combination of both.

BE PATIENT: Placing your request today doesn't mean your quest will happen tomorrow.

After your request is accepted, in one weeks time, go ahead and ask for an update on your thread or simply 'bump'.

If your quest request is denied, it will be noted in your thread and the reason for the denial will be PM'd to you privately. If the problem can be corrected by you, DO NOT repost to your denied thread, start a new one.

Once your quest is completed, the DM in charge will note on your thread that the quest is completed and your thread will be removed to keep this folder neat and tidy.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, place them in this thread.

PLEASE NOTE: This Quest Request section is for the management of the request. RP is not to be done in these threads, that's what the RP area is for. This is strictly an OOC area. That is all! Carry on!
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