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DM Ramen wrote:The Brothers of Fury

Although it is not in the peak of it's efficience since Shinji Ryuutei was killed, the Brothers of Fury remain on it's savage battle against Kirigakure. Since the Ryuutei clan has been split after the Great Ninja wars, the most unsatisfied members of the clan did not listen to the ancient clan leader, and prefered to leave their home instead of taking all that humilliation. Even so, no room wasa left for them in the Water Country, always being hunted down by Kiri ANBU shinobi. That made them flee away to the rice country, completely empty handed. From that day on, any of them would reffer themselves as a Ryuutei anymore.

Once they settled themselves, the now called Brothers of Fury started as mere mercenaries hired for those who couldn't pay for expensive ninjas from any of the hidden villages. Their equal skill, or even higher, in comparisson to their extremely low prices made their services become quite famous and lucrative, until they had enough resources to return to the Water Country and start their skirmish against Kiri. Besides, after all those years in the rice country taken to grow a considerable force against Kirigakure, the new Ryuutei clan leader made contact, showing simpathy for their cause, handing them valuable information that could make their strikes more effective even if the Brothers of Fury couldn't be of any match against the Kirigakure's number.

Once the attacks begun, the village started to become rather weakened, after the rebels killing many kiri ninjas and taking over most of their supply routes. It was a matter of time before the Mizukage started to become suspicious of how those rebels have put their hands into confidential Kiri information, and then secretely started investigating. For a matter of security, no shinobi that had any involvement with the Ryuutei was informed of those investigations. The prejudice against the clan was always present, and the fact that were former Ryuutei who led the rebel attacks have made the relations of Ryuutei and Kirigakure even more hostile. After only a few months, the connection between Shinji Ryuutei and his two older children was found.

The night that the clan estate was burned to ashes and Shinji Ryuutei killed, Kirigakure turned the tables once the locations of the rebels were discovered due to documents found inside the clan leader's chambers. Again, the Brothers of Fury were merciless destroyed by swift and direct Kirigakure operations. Now their power were reduced to closely nothing. They fled back to the Rice Country, defeated. But the sucess of the Kirigakure was not entirely complete. Kyo and Kitsune Ryuutei were still missing, and according to the assumptions of Kirigakure, they fled with all the secret manuscripts containing all the information about the Ryuutei Chakra and their unknown techniques, wich is said that increases the clan chakra destructive power to an even higher level.

Today, Kyo Ryuutei has taken the leadership of the surviving Brothers of Fury, training secretly all the survivors together with his sister, Kitsune Ryuutei. The rebels are laying low, and instead of risking to be discovered, they now try to recover their lost resources in the underworld, involved since drugs to enslavery and prostitution. Thanks to the brilliant mind of their leader, they quickly positioned themselves safely in the crime world, and their resources are increasing much faster then Kirigakure would ever imagine (in fact, the brothers of Fury were so destroyed by the village that they even notice it as a menace anymore). It is only a matter of time before they regain their power, and increase to much more than anyone could have thought.

There are only a few dozens of actual member who can use the Ryuutei chakra, including Kyo and Kitsune. All the other members are thugs and hired mercenaries who have been receiving ninja training. Even that their skills may match regular shinobi's, they are still mere thugs and criminals inside. But none of this matters to the actual survivors, their seek for revenge has completely blinded them to it, not caring anymore about the means to victory. But they are not so relentless to leave those mercenaries loose. Thanks to the ability of Kyo to translate the manuscriptswith the ancient secret techniques of the Ryuutei, the former Ryuutei members managed to reserve that knowledge to themselves. Specially Kyo, that reserved the even more powerful jutsu for himself, in order to keep every step of the organization under his control.

DM Ramen wrote:Important Characters (Brothers of Fury):

Akira Ryuutei (missing)
Title: The Wild Dragon

Brothers of Fury

He was known as one of the best and unpredictable fighters of the organization, and being Kyo Ryuutei's childhood friend. His friendship has remained a secret to the rest of the clan from the day they met, since Akira descendants were with the Brothers of Fury, making himself and Kyo being from different worlds. Once Kyo managed to escape the slaughter of the Ryuutei and become the leader of the Brothers of Fury, Akira stood by his side. BUt his disagreeing to it's methods, like acting as criminal institutions puppets in order to get more power. He left the Brothers of Fury and now work for neither them or Kirigakure. He acts on his on, wandering around the land, using his Ryuutei abilities on whatever he seems fit to stick his nose in. There are always rumors about some punk-hair guy being kicked of taverns for starting fights or disturbing the peace, and according to those who knew Akira, that sounds just like him.

The King

Brothers of Fury Kingwb2.thBrothers of Fury Thpix

The King is greedy just as he is despicable...and large. This extremely fat man is the lor dof the underwold, running all sorts of illegal activities acroos all countries. He has recently taken in the remaining Brothers of Fury and promised them power and money in exchange for their abilities and training his thugs, and the trade has been going well so far. But he is no fool, and fearing that the organization leader, Kyo Ryuutei, may manage to take his place like he did with many other criminal bosses. He always keeps an eye on their actions, awaiting to make his move to take Kyo out. And thats exactly what Kyois expecting.
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