Purpose of this Section

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Purpose of this Section

Post  DM Ramen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 9:03 pm

Due to some reason rumblings and complaints, it is obvious that any references to fix them are generally either buried in different areas, or confusing to find the trail in general.

So, to help alleviate that and bring player or DM complaints to the forefront, I'm creating a place to do so.

From this point forward, if you have a complaint, post it here. Feel free to be honest, but be polite and be constructive with your criticism. If you submit a complaint, I also expect a suggestion on how to fix it.

Based on the discussion, a decision will be made. It may not be the decision you want, but a decision will be made and will remain here for ease of reference as to what the decision and arguements in the discussion are.

If a Thread gets to be a flame war, I will lock it down and make a decision right then. Trust me, I rarely look favorably on those with the immaturity to flame others and inability to write in a cooperative manner. If the thread becomes convoluted with multiple complaints leaking in and overriding the initial topic, then I ask anyone to feel free to break it into another thread if I don't see the thoughts starting to get muddy. Good behavior is expected of both players AND DMs.

On a sidenote, this is the place for suggestions and input from the player populace... so by all means if you have an idea just let us know. Very Happy
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