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Post  Karasu Hiei on Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:09 pm

I quit!!!!!!!!!!

Hey folks, your favorite snow genin jutsu master here telling you why he's quitting the server for two reasons:

1. DMs who play for themselves and the other DMs and don't care for the players, this is what happens when you get Hosts and admins who are usually underaged or haven't quite reached an age of maturity to make good decisions for the good of the server or the playerbase, which is also why all of the DMs minus maybe 2 or 3 are not even teenagers, on another note, I'm sure you all have noticed how much the DMs care about themselves and hardly pay any or no attention to the players when they have a request or have a question (which is mostly why a lot of folks are hesitant about the rules and how they're enforced)

2. Some of you may notice this sooner than others, but as far as how these rules are enforced and why you only see DMs playing the extremely expensive/ hard to get clans/bloodlines, is because they DON'T follow their rules, and mostly bully the other players, which is quite common amongst Pat, Dale, and every now and then, Dersy.

I don't really care for what happens to this server, but Pat, Dale, and Josh, I can promise you that overtime, the server will come to realize how immature and irresponsible you all are, and then once again, your playerbase, will be nothing.

Thanks all for the time and many hours of fun RP, hope you all enjoy yourselves, Peace out.

Karasu Hiei

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Post  DM Ramen on Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:21 pm

That is what this section is for

Although parts of your point are true in some aspects and I agree to a minimal extent, generalizations will not help the situation. I am sorry that you feel this way. However, the way you addressed this will not get the situation solved, assuming there is one. The aforementioned post opens itself up to flaming as it is unspecific, venting, and does not have unbiased suggestions... which are essential when addressing a problem.

I will be locking this thread for those reasons. Again I apologize that your situation has reached this point. If you wish to stick around, and try to solve the situation you are more than welcome to in the appropriate matter. If you still wish to leave, then we hope that your travels bring you somewhere more to your liking.


Edit: Moved to the appropriate forum.

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