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Nara Kenshin

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Nara Kenshin

Current Rank - Chunin

Village - Leaf

The Nara clan’s standard toolbag consist of the following: 6 kunai, 6 shuriken, 1 explosion tag, 1 smoke bomb, 1 set of can traps, 2 Windmill Shuriken, 2 Caltrops, and 1 poison smoke bomb.

The nara have strategic minds, and get +2 to int rolls. They also use their INT for their clan jutsu.


E Rank

Kakuremino no Jutsu- This jutsu allows a ninja to take a cloak or a piece of cloth and blend into an object, making them invisible.

Bunshin no Jutsu- a very basic Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to escape from rope binds.

Henge no Jutsu- Henge no Jutsu is a ninjutsu technique which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy. Henge allows the ninja to transform them self into any person or object. This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

D Rank

Leaf substatution -Self explanatory
Chakra focus (Dex)

C Rank

Flicker - [self explenatory]

Kagemane no Jutsu (The Art of Me-and-My-Shadow)
(Shadow possession jutsu)
(Unblockable, Jutsu unblockable. Only dodgeable)
The user's shadow is extended to the opponent's shadow, combining them. This puts the attacker in control of the target's movements- the target is forced to make any movement the user makes. It is an extremely versatile technique. Given enough talent, the shadow can contract and change shape, and even get ahold of several targets at once. The shadow can also be connected with the shadows of other objects to extend its range.
There must be light to use this jutsu. If it connects, the opponent is caught for 1d6 rounds. While caught the opponent mimics everything the user does. This can target up to 4 people at once.

B Rank

Kage Saihou (Shadow Sewing)
Rank: B
The Narra Pierces it's opponents with Spike Shaped Shadows.
It does 2d10 damage to up to 4 targets.
(Taught by nara npc, controlled by Dm Anko)

Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu (Shadow Neck Bind Technique)
An advancement of Kage Mane no Jutsu. Once the target has been captured with Kage Mane, the user makes a hand seal to further the attack. The user then uses their shadow to form a hand, which will creep along the target to their neck and proceed to strangle them. However, those with much chakra are able to push back the shadow hand and resist the effects.

The target must be in Shadow Possession first. The target can try to force the hand away with chakra. If they do, they exert 1d10 chakra. If they don’t, they take 2d10 damage.

A Rank




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