Zaraki, Ichiro (aka: Cloudfish)

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Zaraki, Ichiro (aka: Cloudfish) Empty Zaraki, Ichiro (aka: Cloudfish)

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Shinobi History: Zaraki, Ichiro (aka: Cloudfish)
Village: Cloud
Clan: N/A
Current Rank: Genin
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135lbs.
Hair: Black
Current age: 15
Eyes: Light Blue
Element: Water
Specialties: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Dual Kamas, excellent speed and agility and a natural ninjutsu student.
Hobbies: *unknown
Nindo: "No matter how strong i may training will never be over!"
Associates>>> *None


Little is known of Zaraki, Ichiro. Born to a poor family who fled Mizu after the assassination of the Mizukage by Mamochi, Zabuza and subsequent failed coup d' etat. His parents, Zaraki, Keiji and mother Nagashine, Yumi settled in the Lightning Country where Yumi was from and became a fisherman by trade. Ichiro apparently grew bored of this life and left home to join the academy at the nearby Hidden Village in the Clouds, at the age of 14. He immediately showed a gift for the manipulation of water and was immediately taught ninjutsu and began a heavy regiment of Taijutsu training as well, along with a few select other genin who showed some real promise as shinobi. He was the only one who passed the harsh training and was made a genin after just 6 months, earning him the nickname, Cloudfish, as most other if not all students were being taught the elemental path of Raiton* (lightning* (the shinobi of Lightning country seem to possess a natural affinity for the element)) and Ichiro was a gifted young water user. He easily completes several missions in the next few months, including the capture and kill of two wanted Chuunin who had been leaking minor village secrets to outlaws of the region. Immediately thereafter, the Raikage himself approached Ichiro and congratulated him on his performance and informed him he would be heading to Konoha in a months time (7 months after becoming genin) to participate in the Chuunin exams. Ichiro was the only one sent from the village thus paired with two snow ninja, and the Raikage himself attended the event to watch this rising young prospect, Cloudfish, compete. He easily passed the written test and barely succeeded in reaching the Tower in Konoha's Forest of Death to participate in the finals. Ichiro, despite a VERY impressive performance, lost to the winner of the exams in the finals, a young Sand genin puppeteer with a very strong puppet. Ichiro was not chosen to advance to chuunin and returned to the Cloud village to resume his training as a genin. The Raikage tells him he did well enough and is sure he will pass the next time around. Ichiro, still salty over the loss, agrees smiling but deep in his heart he is angry at the failure. The real story begins now...
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