Mist: Ramamochi

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Mist: Ramamochi

Post  DM Ramen on Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:59 pm


Clan Name: Ramamochi
Clan Technique Style Name: The Tao of Ramamochi Blade
Clan Village: Mist
Clan Description: Black to Jet Black Hair, Blue Eyes, usually Strong framed (must be human, half-elf, or half-orc race type) They usually have tattoos, but not required

Mechanicle Benefiets: +2 with all attacks made with a greatsword.

Clan Techs:
D Rank: The First Verse " The Tao guides the Ramamochi bringing them the basics to guide others along it's intangible way."

Jade Smasher Knee: A Basic Clan jutsu were the user knee's into the opponent's torso, but the effects are felt externally and internally
Damage: Normal Taijutsu + 1d4 damage to the recipients chakra score.

Meditative Stance: The user may use one round to stand in a meditative stance taking negatives to defense for one round but charging thier musscles and thier mind for a lighlty enhanced attack next round, may be chained with Chakra Focus:Weapon.
Damage: 2 handed weapon+ 1d4 damage. (-2 to defense on the meditation round)

C Rank: The Second Verse " Everything is an abstraction of the pure. A True Ramamochi will let the Tao guide them down the path of life as they transend those arround them."

Knight Buster: The user attacks the opponent with a greatsword aiming for a key point to disable thier defenses as they deal damage.
Damage: Normal 2 Handed Weapon + (-2) to all defense rolls made by the recipient for 1d8 rounds as they find the crushing blow near crippling.

Waining Rage: the user unleashes a moderate amount of chakra to damage the opponent as they are being knocked out.
Damage: 2d8 when the user is Ko'd. This ability can only be used if you have the chakra to pull it off before being knocked out.

B Rank: The Third Verse "When the Tao is remembered, you will find your strength truely lies in your own hands."

Jade Crusher Punch: A stronger variation on the Jade Smasher Knee. The user throws a punch to any part of the recipients body devestating them in both body and spirit.
Damage: Taijutsu + 1d8 damage to the recipient's chakra score.

Shadow Blade Recital: The user manifests a huge ammount of chakra as the hold the blade, and the words of the Tao begin to form in a shadowy outline enveloping the blade in a dark intangible form.
Damage: 2 handed weapon damage + 1d10 from the words as they imbed into the recipients flesh.... they will remain visible as scars for 1 day.

A Rank: The Fourth Verse "Powerful men are advised not to use violence, as is the Tao for violence will return to them.... should they let thier enemy live."

Hell Reaver: The weilder holds his sword pointing it as his opponent saying the words " Death is here, welcome the harbinger, love thyself for it is all you will have in Hell." Then an explosion of energy shoots from the blade as they swing down sending a huge waves of black energy at the opponent.
Damage : 1d20 + 1d8 damage to the recipients chakra score. This attack uses STR not Wisdom.

Dark Edge Drop-Kick: The user focuses chakra into thier legs as they perform a heavy drop-kick usually aimed at the recipients face for added effect to damage.
Damage: Taijutsu + 1d10 damage.

The Tao of Open Wounds: The user makes a long list of handseals, and then rushes the oponent, touching them causing massive growths and mutations to grow from the spot touched and then they rot and fall off leaving pussy open wounds.
Damage: 1/2 Taijutsu + 1d4 damage until the reciever gets either a moderate med jutsu or recieves a DC 18 heal check from an outside source. This technique may only be used once and does not stack.

S Rank: The Final Verse " All things must end... it is the way of the Tao, and the Tao is the only thing that truely exists.. find the true meaning of this verse and you have answered the question to the meaning of life."

Final Rendition of the Ramamochi Blade: The user explodes with chakra rushing the opponent and starts hacking away at them in a blinding speed of energy and blood.
Damage: The user takes 2d10 in damage after the attack, and if they succeed on the attack roll they roll 1d6. 1-2: 1d12 + 1d10, 3-4: 1d20 + 1d8, 5-6: 1d20 + 2d10 (user takes an additional 1d10 in damage) **Note: May never be used as an opening move in a fight.

The Jade Tao Strike: The user punches the recipeint in the gut pumping a huge amount of disruptive chakra into their body disrupting their chakra flow immensly.
Damage: Taijutsu + 3d10 to the recipients chakra score.

Rising Mind of the Tao Stance: The user takes a stance hightening thier ability to feel the Tao around them bringing them great focus as they use the Tao to guide thier next attack.
Damage: Attack damage + 1d12 (+4 to hit) **Note.... may not be chained with any other clan tech.
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Re: Mist: Ramamochi

Post  DM Ramen on Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:03 pm

Ramamochi Clan History.

The Tao Was Set in Order.....

The Originator of the Clan: Irubinu Ramamochi "the Ancient Blade" (Long dead)
Irubinu founded the clan on a doctrine of principles called the Tao..... that he eventually learned you could apply
to anything through "abstraction." He developed a fighting style with greatswords to defend his ideals founded in the clan.
The ideals consisted of.... 1. Loving yourself, and then loving others. 2. Destroy those who would stop you from living and fufilling your
life. 3. Guide others down the Tao, and show them what life is really about. 4. life is about finding peace with yourself and the ability to finally accept
who you are so you may live forever on the "Otherside" with your loved ones and family. 5. Leave no enemy alive if you can help it.
Married another with like ideals to populate and bring forth children into the clan.... they had 5 in total
Hair: Black Eyes: blue and one green(the impure eye) Age at Death: 76
Cause of Death: Heart Failure

The Clan Mother: Freya Ramamochi "The Life Bringer of the Tao" (Dead)
The wife of Irubinu, and mother to Shao, Ramos, Liria, Ichigo, and Yuffimia Ramamochi... her skills with the tao
were unknown, but history records she was skilled enough to help develope the technique commonly used as the Shadow Blade
Recital...She died shortly after Irubinu... a broken heart for the loss of her love drove her to stop eating until she finally withered away.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Age @ Death: 82 Cause of Death: Broken heart of her Husband's death.

Shao Ramamochi "The Betrayer" (Dead)
Shao, the eldest of the siblings betrayed the clan and ran off with many of the clan secrets. He married two wives and had two children passing on the techniques
to those Irubinu did not approve of making a sub-branch of "black sheep" the Branch included Shao, his Wife Nani, and two kids Shinbo, and Lance.... the children were
assassinated shortly after Ramos Ramamochi learned their existance ending this line of the family.
Hair: Black Eyes: BLue Age @ Death: 28 Cause of Death: Mysteriously Assassinated

Ramos Ramamochi "The Son of Blood" (unknown)
Ramos, the second of the first five, trained in the assassin techniques becoming a well known assassin.
Tails of his Tao of blood spread through small taverns and inns... he became a jounin at age 20, and hunted down his
traitor of a brother Shao... ending his branch of the family. Ramos never married or had any children.
Hair: black Eyes: Blue Age: unknown Status: unknown.

Liria Ramamochi "The Purist" (dead)
Liria was always the quiet one of the five. She never spoke unless spoken to, and only made herself known
when it was appropriate. Her behavior concerned the rest of the family, but Irubinu realized her behavior as that
of her Tao. The Tao manifested in her in a peaceful way. she quickly learned the clan techniques and became a very proficiant ninja
Irubinu grew concerned about his daughter's love life and the possibility of her bearing children so the clan would grow, so he
betrothed her to a local feudal lord's son. Much to Iru's suprise Liria and the fuedal lord's heir got a long great, and they were wed soon after.
It was documented that Liria had three children before having complications on the fourth.... that childbirth consuming her life force in the process.
The names of the children were not recorded but it is rumored that thier decendants might still be around.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Age @ Death: 39 Died: child Birth complications

Ichigo Ramamochi "The Prodigal Son" (dead)
Ichigo was he weird one of the family....in the fact the Tao manifested in a way unlike the others. It made him remember everything in vivid
detail. A photographic memory at times.After Ramos tried to kill him in a drunken, bloodthirsty rage, Ichigo fled off for a period of five years in fear.
Irubinu became concerned and chastised his son, Ramos, for his poor temper and terrible ability to hold his alcohal... sending him off to retrieve Ichigo.
Ichigo returned with Ramos two years later with a wife and three kids... a son and two daughters. The name of the son is the only one that can be found.... Tsubasa Ramamochi.
Hair: Black eyes: Blue Age @Death: 65 Died: When he tripped off the side of a cliff unfourtunately falling to his death.

Yuffimia Ramamochi "The Tainted Dawn Bringer" (unknown)
Yuffimia was the youngest of the Five. Kind and gentle hearted as she tried to learn the deadly art of the Tao. Irubinu taught her everything he could,
but her kindness showed her true talent. She was determined to bring peace by becoming a medic... and so she did. She learned and became very skilled.
Her brothers luaghed at her attempts to guide people down the Tao by healing instead of killing. Her kindness would be her undoing. She was in the wood one day, gathering herbs and berries
for cures and various medicines when she came across a huntsman who was baddly injured. When she healed him he immediately stood up ready to do battle with her. "I dont want to do this!", she cried out as they fought.
But the man didnt listen... he recognized her advanced clan techniques and immediately tried to put an end to her, but as he ran to strike the final blow she thrust her fingers out, nailing him in the chest.
Black grodarns sprung out and tore his clothes.... rotting and falling off leaving him with pusy wounds that immediately spread and took his life. Yuffimia's Tao showed her true calling
and she was the one who developed the Tao of Open Wounds. It is unknown if she ever married or had children, and her were-abouts or the fact she is dead or alive is unknown.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Age: Unknown Status: Unknown

Tsubasa Ramamochi "The Strong Arm" & Erin Ramamochi "The One Winged"
Tsubasa was the son of Ichigo. He grew up learning everything about the clan, but grew a hatred for Ramos for near running his father off and eliminating the knowledge of his inheritance
from anyone's memory. Tsubasa trained hard and mastered most of the clan techniques before he was made a chuunin. He eventually leanred Shadow Blade Recital before Jounin. During this time of feirce training though
We find he had a secret path... everyone thought him to be devout only to training, but when an unexpected pregnancy with a girl not approved by the Clan appeared it eliminated all thoughts of that.
And so on the technicality of her bearing a Ramamochi child she was married in and taught the techniques after signing a bloodpact... she would never attain higher than the Knight Buster technique. the Tao just wasnt in her.
Tsubasa was happy with his wife which we later find out her name was Erin Takuashi.. renamed Ramamochi by pact and marriage.
The three children that came from them were Handashi, SHirumi, and Keoke.
It was documented thjat both parents died on mission but Handashi has found out that Tsubasa lives on as a mist ANBU... but hasnt seen him yet...

Erin Ramamochi Tsubasa Ramamochi
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Re: Mist: Ramamochi

Post  DM Ramen on Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:04 pm

Handashi Ramamochi "The Keeper"
Firstborn son of Erin and Tsubasa. Handashi had memories of them... he trained and learned clan techniques even before hitting genin... but at the news of thier deaths... he locked away those memories and forgot all about the Tao. Giving Shirumi to an orphange, and lkeaving his sister behind forgotten, Handashi became a prodigy of Mist... rising from genin to chuunin and from chuunin to Jounin with little effort as his swordsmanship carried him through most everything. (read the rest of his story in the other thread about him)
Hair: Black Eyes: One Blue, The other Purple(Heirokemi) Age: 22

Shirumi Ramamochi "The Shade"
Born second of the three children in the Erin & Tsubasa branch. Shirumi never knew about his parents or the clan... he unlocked the secrets as Shade... a fragment of his personality revealed his true nature. With the help of Samir.. shirumi decided to overcome Shade, and master his Tao.... a Tao of words, art and poetry.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue (Wears glasses) Age: 17

Clan song- Baby's Tears Artist: Miki Roberts AMV: Code Geass
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Re: Mist: Ramamochi

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