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Grass: Bokusou

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Clan Name:Bokusou
Eye Dojutsu: Gurasugan
Clan Style:Gurasu Katana Dansu (Dance of the Grass Blade)
Village of Origin: Grass

Description: This clan was started by a man who found the sounds and aspects of grass could be bent
to his will. He spent years making things of grass, channeling chakra, and focusing the energy to make
it bend to his will. Through on of his experiments... something drastic happend. The chakra backfired, and changed his
eyes, he was blind for two months, but as his sight came back, he found himself with a new power. The power to make
his genjutsu potent enough to outmatch any mere genjutsu specialist... his eye had formed a dojutsu
allowing his genjutsu to have access directly into the opponents brain with fewer resistance as he looked
into thier minds through thier eyes. They always said that th eyes were a window to the soul... and how right they were... He used his prowess with a Katana and his new power to attack and drive off ten Sound jounin by himself with little effort.
His decendants were minor making this a minor clan in Grass, but its sizable enough to say thier numbers arent anywere nere extinct.

Gurasugan- the user depending on rank gets bonuses to genjutsu and dodging.
Weak- +1 to Genjutsu rolls, no bonus to dodge
Medium - +2 to genjutsu Rolls, +1 to Dodge
Strong- +3 to Genjutsu rolls, +2 to Dodge

Gurasu Yaiba Genkaku
(Grass Blade Illusion)
D Rank
CP: 3
The user sends a focused burst of chakra making the opponent see the illusion of grass blades spinning
around them, taking making it harder for them to focus on the battle.
PVP: The target takes -1 to all rolls for 1d4 rounds

Gurasu Kishi Genkaku
(Grass Knight Illusion)
D Rank
CP: 3
The user affects the opponents mind as they attack making them see a huge knight made of grass
as they attack, the illusion would "block" for the user, when in actuality, the target misses due to
being thrown off by the illusion.
PVP: The user uses this to block.

Tabi of Ketsuki
(Journey of Blood)
C Rank
CP: 5
The user spins their katana in a whirling pattern using the momentum to guide their blade in a furry of stabs
at the target, it looks something like a sickening dance of blades.. giving it its name.
PVP: Taijutsu + the target takes 1 point of damage from bleeding wounds for 1d4 rounds.

Tabi of Itami
(Journey of Pain)
B Rank
The user thrusts and hits fours specific joints in the shoulders and knees, causing great pain everytime the target moves.
PVP: Taijutsu + target takes 1d4 points of damage everytime the block or dodge an attack for 1d4 rounds.

Gurasu Shou Genkaku
(Grass Destroyer Illusion)
B Rank
CP: 8
The user slams the targets brain with chakra dealing damage to thier internal organs, but it looks like
huge blades of grass slicing them to peices as they are really attacked form the inside.
PVP: the target takes 2d10 and is stunned for 1d4 rounds or until hit.

Gurasu Yaiba Mentaru Taihou
(Grass Blade Mental Cannon)
A Rank
CP: 13
The user pummles the foe with an illusion of a huge cannon. The cannon then fires barrages of blade blades
so sharp that they could go through steel pipes at them. The effects of the jutsu are completely mental, and no physical signs
of damage would appear, except for maybe ruptured veins in theys making them turn red.
PVP: The target takes 3d8 points of Damage and is stunned for 1d4 rounds, or until hit.

Tabi of Zetsubou
(Journey of Despair)
A Rank
CP: 13
The user overpowers the opponents body with rapid strikes haulting bloodflow to the body part struck.
The forces of the chakra then unblocks the "dam" and the blood splashes forth to even greater effect of damage.
PVP: Taijutsu + 1d20

Betsuto Genkaku: Shou Gurasu Kyuushuu
(Ultimate Illusion: Destroyer Grass Assault)
S Rank
CP: 20
The user sends a huge concusion of mental energy and chakra out to trap all in the area under thier influence
The force of the blast would lay them flat physically and mentally. Those not unconcious by the effect are horrified by an illusion
of five samurai standing over them, stabbing thier Katanas over and over into thier torso.
PVP: The targets in the Area... up to 4. Take 1d20 +3d4 damage.. those not KO'd are stunned for 1d4 rounds.. or until hit. the user then
rolls 1d20 and is stunned for 1 round on a roll of 4 or less.

Akkenai Tabi: Keiro of the Shou
(Longest Journey: Path of the Destroyer)
S Rank
CP: 20
The user cuts themselves on the palms of their hands and runs the blood up the length of thier blade.
Then as they focus for the attack they train their eye on the opponent watching them for one round.
Then... the unleash a tremendous volley of strikes thrusts and cuts as the opponent stand there. The speed is so great
that the target would see a flash, and then see the cuts appear on their body three seconds later.
PVP: The user cuts themself for 2d8 points of damage and focuses a round, then.. they attack at blinding speed dealing Taijutsu + 6d6
The user cannot use this attack if they have less than 16 HP.
Learning requirent: A DEX mod of 18 with buffs

Kamas are their weapon of choice.
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