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Kawoto Jin

Post  Dm Naruto on Mon Dec 15, 2008 6:00 pm

Age: 19
Village: Leaf
Height: 1' 76
Weight: 60 Kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Left: Deep Brown. Right: Sharingan (red)
Likes: Apples, Training, Reading, Spending time with friends, Eating.
Dislikes: Handashi, Arrogant People, spicy Ramen, Oranges,
Relationship: Enjeru Uingu
Popularity Factor: (?) Lore roll of 40 to access these.
Nicknames: The Notorious Apple Sage. Number 1 idiot. Taijutsu Specialist. Sharingan Jin

Facts about Kawoto Jin: Born and raised in the hidden village of leaf.
Graduated the academy at the age of 8.
Parents killed in a mission at the age of 9 and sent to live with his aunt.
Age of 10 sent away to the "tiger temple" hidden in the mountains And trained there till the age of 14 when the big wave of oblivion thugs destroyed it.. Jin forced back to leaf to follow the path of the "tiger" and proceed the training on his own.

Gaining the title of Jounin A few months after the arrival in leaf.

Age of 15 jin getting the ninja rank of A.

Death of uchiha sao, uchiha ichiban and jin chaseing after to regain the corpse which resulted in a fierce battle and jin loseing his right eye.

Age of 16 Jin getting his eye replaced by a sharingan.

Few years later jin would get his second squad.

Age of 19: Getting engaged to Enjeru Uingu.

Soon after recieving the new ninja rank: S

Missions done:
S Rank- 13
A Rank- 78
B Rank- 112
C Rank- 108
D Rank- 401
Ninja Abilities:

Taijutsu: 10/10
Ninjutsu: 0/10
Genjutsu: 3/10
Doujutsu: 6/10

Taijutsu Moves

Tiger Style:
Hungry Combo
A Rank:
Effect: Jin using his speed and tiger-like movement to pound the opponents face in with the molded chakra claws.
Dmg: 3d10

Tornado Of Claws:
Rank: B
Effect: Molding chakra to his nails forming tiger like claws.. and spiralling around towards the enemy slashing violently.
Dmg: 1d20, 1d6.

Apprentice of the sun:
Rank: A
Effect: Kicking the enemy up to the air while under the sun light performing a combo.
Dmg: 1d10, 1d8

Leaf Razor Edge Kick
Rank: D
Effect: Molding chakra to your shins performing a devestating kick
Dmg: 1d10, 1d4.

Leaf Razor edge Strike:
Rank: C
Effect: Molding chakra to any part of your body to initiate a strike.
Dmg: 2d10.

Destructive Razor Edge Move:
Rank: B
Effect: Allowing a bigger mass of chakra to a point in your body, releasing it causing a big explosion like taijutsu move.
Dmg: 1d20, 1d8.

129 Raining combo:
Rank: A
Effect: sweep kicking your opponent makeing them unable to block and in the air horizontally where you initiate the combo.. pounding the enemy down to the ground and continuing till you've reached the number.
Dmg: 1d20, 1d10.

Eight Celestrial Divinition gates
Rank: S
Able to enter 6 gates.

Special Combo:
Primary Lotus
Rank: S
Effect: Useing a combination of speed and technique while under the effect of the gates to perform this crushing move.
Self inflicted Damage: (josh?)
Dmg: (Josh?)

Tiger god the mountain destroyer.
Rank: S
Required: 4 Gates.
Effect: Shooting all the chakra in the users body to a body part, releasing it dureing a kick or punch.. Crushing the main bone of that attacking limb.
Self inflicted Damage: 1d20
Damage: 5d10

Doujutsu Moves:
Sharingan (Right eye only. passive)

Sharingan Status: Third Tomoe

Glare: 1d20, Stunning for a round.. requireing eye contact.

Copied Taijutsu Moves:
Copied From: Uchiha Ichiban
Imploding Knee
Rank: D
effect: Concentrating chakra into your knee and thrusting it.
Dmg: 1d10, 1d4.

Copied From: Uchiha Ichiban
Kou Mo Rendan (Kings combo)
Rank: A
Effect: A long combination containing 3(rp wise) stages purely taijutsu.
Dmg: 3d10, 1d4.

More Pics:
Getting choked by an apple chibi style Razz

Genin Squad (jin to the right!)

Jin and ichiban

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