Leaf: Amatsu

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Leaf: Amatsu

Post  DM Ramen on Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:12 pm


Clan Name: Amatsu “heavenly”

Bloodline Name: Tenshi Tamago “Angel Spawn”

Clan Village: Leaf

Clan Triats: Their blood can be used as a restorative, returnign the body and mind back to a normal, healthy state. Though in its raw form it cannot heal damage. However, the Amatsu body is *very* slow to heal itself. If the blood used in combat the Amatsu does 1d4 to themselves to open a wound, and will take that damage each turn the Amatsu has for the rest of the fight.

Weak Traits: Golden eyes and hair, Fair skin

Weak Bonuses: +5 to healing mod and are able to combat heal and use basic clan jutsu

Weak negatives: -1 to all attack rolls, seeing as they are trained healers, not fighters

Normal Traits: Same as weak with Weak but they have 2 scars, one on each of their shoulder blades.

Normal bonuses: +10 to healing mod and can use basic and advanced clan jutsu

Normal Negatives: -2 to all attack rolls

Strong Traits: Angelic wings where the scars on the normal would be when the Tenshi Tamago is fully activated.

Strong bonuses: +25 to healing mod and can use all clan jutsu

Strong negatives: Since they are much better healers than fighters, a -5 to all attack rolls.

Amatsu Move List

Any Attack jutsu in the clan list does not recieve the -'s. Must have the Tenshi Tamago active to use any of the jutsu. Costs 1 Chakra Point per round to hold Tenshi Tamago, and 3 CP to activate it. When Tenshi Tamago is active, the user glows with a golden light. All Clan abilities are WIS based.

Tenshi Tamago: Taira Souhou (Calm Touch)
touches the targets head gently florcing a gentle flow of the users chakara into the targets mind making them calm down, (used mostly to ease suffering or to calm those unwilling to accept treatment, can be use to calm wild animels as well. This is a technique known by all Amatsu.
Rank: E

Tenshi Tamago: Reikon Tomoshibi (Soul Light)
Effects: The user quickly and expertly heals small wounds on the target.
Healing Dmg: Heals the target 1d4
Rank: D

Tenshi Tamago: Reikon Ryuusui (Soul Stream)
Effects: The user heals the target of medium wounds with uncanny skill.
Healing Dmg: Heals the target 2d8
Rank: C

Tenshi Tamago: Shinjinbukai Saihon (Godly Siphon)
The user calls upon holy energies to blast a target, one of the few hostile moves the Amatsu know.
Dmg: 1d8
Rank: C

Tenshi Tamago: Kaji (Faith-Healing)
Effects: The user calls upon its faith in life itself to heal a target, healing most wounds.
Healing Dmg: Heals the target 1d20
Rank: B

Tenshi Tamago: Zenkai (Complete Healing)
Effects: The user calls upon a vast amount of their chakra and fully heals a target
Healing Dmg: Heals target to full HP, may only be used once per fight.
Rank: S

Tenshi Tamago: Shou Shinchou (Wound Extension)
Effects: The user's extreme knowledge of healing allows them to make a target's wounds worse, causing additional damage.
Dmg: 1d4 per round for 1d4 rounds.
Rank: D

Tenshi Tamago: Chingon (Repose of Souls)
Effects: The user's knowledge of healing allows them to make the target's preexisting wounds near-fatal.
Dmg: 1d10 per round for 1d4 rounds
Rank: B

Tenshi Tamago: Hyakuhei Shimanagashi (All Evils Banishment)
Effects: The user drains the target of their life energy, turning it against them in a extremely powerful holy blast. Afterwards the user cannot call upon the Tenshi Tamago for a long period of time.
Dmg: 1d10 + 2d8
Rank: S
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Re: Leaf: Amatsu

Post  Hinata on Thu Dec 18, 2008 10:11 pm

Add this and delete my post please >_>;

*Originally posted by DM Gaara on the old forums*

"All Souls are one ... under the light of the Amatsu"

The Clan,

Amatsu, an almost forgotten clan that has only just felt it safe for there reemergence into the world. Through faith alone this Clan has weathered many years, seeking peace, and a stable home. Rumers linger among forgotten texts that this clan possesses the secrets to longevity, and perfect health. It was such rumors that drove them into hiding.

Several decades ago, in the waring times of the ninja world, this blessed clan emerged with their fabled kekkei-genkai, the Tenshi Tamago. Few existed with this rare trait, but word of its abilities soon spread around the continent. The Amatsu are powerful healers, calling upon their own souls, and the faith that resides within them, to heal even the most fatal of wounds.

However, there were many who were envious of their power, and had heard rumor of a special potion that held the power to heal all ailments, and increase the longevity of one's soul. Most of the Amatsu were hunted down by these evil men, and either tortured, or killed. It is said that even those tortured to their deaths did not speak of the potion, or the source of their gifts. The remaining Amatsu fled into hiding, taking guises of cemetery workers. The decades pass and the customs of the clan begin to take form.

The Amatsu consider themselves guardians of the dead, and servants to the living. It is under this principle that most Amatsu members find a single person to follow and take care of. It is also under this belief that the Amatsu are to honor the dead once a day, with revered prayer and rituals. It has recently been decided by the clan elders that a better relationship with the outside world would be beneficial, and thus began the road of the first two Amatsu Ninja, Osmond and Kai.

- DM Gaara

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